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Sunday, March 02, 2008
90's pop

yes, i'm still myspacing, this time, stalking other bands/past boybands/etc.


I think this was taken circa 2005.


(2005 because thats when this myspace was updated. lol. Credits to the myspace account)

oh, how i miss Lee Brennan!:)

the one i remember! lols..

the "about me" section is interesting...
Having released two singles 911 struck lucky and signed a record deal with Virgin. The next five years saw the boys rocket to fame, releasing four albums, including a greatest hits, achieving 10 top ten hit singles, including a number one single and selling over 7 million records world wide. 911 also toured the UK three times playing major arenas and sold out two stadium dates in Asia. It was whilst playing gigs in Malaysia, exhausted by years of constant touring that Lee and Spike announced to Jimmy that they'd had enough and wanted to quit the band. The boys were also involved in litigation with their management company over breaking a contract and were watching the money they had earned, living their dream, disappear. Drained and disillusioned with fame and the music industry Spike, Lee and Jimmy announced the split up of 911 in February 2000 on Chris Moyles Radio 1 show. Bouncing back with loads of energy 911 stared on Itv's hit me baby one more time and won the 7th show, the boys are touring various venues and Jimmy constable later plans to bring out his own solo work.... Visit His Site Here..http://www.jimmyconstable.com

lols. did they really say they wanted to quit in Malaysia? lols. where gotttt!!! They only came once to malaysia!It was their moving on tour i think! lols.

good ol' days!

Since we're in the topic of good ol' boybands (seems to be the theme of my blog lately)...i wonder what happened to Point Break, Gil, Kavana, etc....I know Westlife is still alive and kicking. hahaha.

--google google myspace myspace you tube you tube--


Point Break - no website related at all. hahahaha.

(picture credit: 7digital.com)

Omg, i used to love love love Freaky Time! I wonder how small kids(like me) listen to songs like that last time. hahahaha. it is so 18SX!

hahahahah. They also sang Stand Tough, Do we rock?, etc.... lols. Saw them perform with Lea and sam.. Fun times fun times.... i have so many photos of them! hahaha

They had 1 Cd, 1 tour and died. bleh.

gil ofarim.(ok, so he's not a boyband, but he did come from that era but omg. he has nice hair. )

i used to like this song...Out of my bed..hahah just look at his hair...he looks so....aiyerr pretty boy..hahaha.. yes, i saw him perform too.... of course, his famous song would be "If you only knew" with the moffats! lols. watch the video here!

Now, Gil plays for Zoo Army! Totally different from his pop days....Looking good too...

Credit picture



I miss you like crazyyyyyyyy..

When they first started

When they learnt to look cooler. hahah

omg, he used to be so cute. i used to love love love him. hahaha.
Remember, MFEO, will you wait for me, Thank you, funky love, I can make you feel good, crazy chance?????

Will you wait for me..see the hotness!

omg! such sweeeeet memories.
omg times two, he is still singing now! he is much older now...lol..duh!

I can make you feel good (2007).....fatter also. hahaha...


Remember how last time we used to tell everyone which hot celeb we liked the most, and we had a top 10 fav celeb guy: (like how we used to write on autograph books when we were 12)

Kavana, AJ, Lee Brennan - were def on my top list! lols. I also used to like Micheal Owen. I wonder why.

i think its because of the Pop Magazine from the UK, Smash Hits! lols!

as you can see, i can't sleep and writing craps.

You can always count on you tube to feel all nostalgic again!

youtube rocks!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 3/02/2008 02:35:00 AM

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