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Friday, March 07, 2008

IWD is on the 8th (actual one). But we celebrated ours over these 3 days:)

It has been awesome!

People came for the talk on wensday and our sales has been so awesome.

awesome is the word to describe the week.

Thursday was bonding session time between me, steph, anujah, xuezhen ans chisum. We were laughing and talking trash (sluts, whores, leeches, dumbs, pinky and the brains etc). It was super funny i tell you.lol.

I made a total of 145+131+20 cupcakes = 296 cupcakes. (+10 huge ones for RM3 each)

We sold them for RM1.50/Rm1.30 in bulk (thanks to another cupcake sale in college who wold theirs for RM1.50, we naik harga also! muahahahahha....It's a business, baybee!).

(We all must learn how to just naik harga! Can make you rich, wtf)

Go figure how much we made just from cupcakes!

lols. my hands so pain already omg. icing is so susah. i really really wonder how people do this for living! hahaha.

T shirts ARE SOLD OUT!!!(besides 7 Men's S's)

If you want one...

BABY T looks like this...RM22

MEN'S SIZES looks like this...RM22

Have to PRE ORDER! (muahahahhaa)
Comes in all shapes and sizes. lols.

We have sizes:
Baby T
34" (XS)
36" (S)
38" (M/L)
40" (L/XL)

Men's one does not have the purple ribbed neckline
S (Ready Stock)

Order from me nowwwwww RM22 only so cheap can die.com. plus its purrdyyyy...

Anyways....we managed to plan this event in 2/3 weeks, CHAMPIONS la we all!

don't so happy yet......

We still have one more day to go. PURP OUT LOUD!!!!!

I hope people come for the event...COME K? skip class and don't go home! come for the event!!!

If you feel like performing also, you can!!! Details here: http://iwdhelp.blogspot.com/

Karen wrote this at.. 3/07/2008 01:42:00 AM

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