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Friday, March 07, 2008
IWD is ovah baby!NOT!!

Refering to the IWD post i wrote. lol.

I ended so abruptly. lols. It was because, i was writing halfway and was feeling very angry. Then. I stopped writing and saved it as draft. lol.

then when i wrote other entries, i just decided to publish that entry.


and yes, it is so obvious we do not have equal opportunities. From my perspective, just because i am a girl, my parents worry too much and do not let me out of the house, but it is fine with my brother and he gets to go out as late as he wants and whereever he wants to. I mean, if i were given the opportunity to travel around town and go out more often alone as i was growing up, i would not be such a chicken to go to places alone. But not to blame my parents, the world is unkind to girls. We cannot walk out of the house without the fear of getting raped, or stared at. or being called "eh girlll, phheeeewweeett. HELLOOO!!!". like wtf! haihsss. as of equal opportunities in school and college, i guess, we (ok, maybe just me...and those studying in private college and went to urban schools) should feel that we were given equal chances as boys, no complains there. I even did KMT(some machine/woodwork course) in Kemahiran Hidup. Yeay for that! (Because, i think that home economics for girls and KMT for guys is so stereotypical)

(This is like so tiny compared to abuse, other more serious women related issues and all that jazz, but it is what i experienced growing up)

I''ve always felt the unequalness in terms of my brother and me. Because, that's the only "discrimination" i get all the time. hahahaha. even if it is like from my parents. Like girls must wash plates, girls must hang clothes, girls must wipe tables, girls must sit properly, girls room must be cleaner, girls must have clean rooms, girls must do this, girls must do that.......laadeedahhh......*there are many, trust me!*

I always fight for equal times of washing plates and wiping tables after dinner and i think it matters because then, it will teach my brother to treat his gf/wife in equal terms and don't be like Indians (Indians because, in bollywood tv, thats what they do as i observe) who sits at the table and wait for wives to put food for them on the table (probably even feed them) and hold their briefcase and tie their shoelace to send them to work.


anyways, working world is a year away from me. I can't say that i have experienced anything in that area yet, but i've heard stories. So far, i've seen many women who are so DYNAMIC!
for example, Stephanie who works as a stage manager and study, and organize IWD. omg, i wanna be like her when i grow up (and have a mini Stephanie action figure who talks, lol [inside joke]). My mum, who worked all her life to support my family and my unnecessary shoppings! My boss, who is like what young and has her own company plus funding emmagem. My aunt, who is a housewife and like taking care of so many children who turned out to be such good kids! And, yes, of course, myself. I'm proud of myself being a girl(okla, women i know i old) and living in this world!

Of course, who could forget the dynamic women(in a good way, lol) at HELP who made IWD '08 happen!:) Anujah, Chi Sum, Xue Zhen and Ivy: You girls rock!! Glad to have worked with you :D

so, yea, be proud of being a women, i mean, its not easy as a lecturer of ours mentioned (we have to have kids, omg!lol) trying to gain the same respect from people(men and women themselves). But it is sure worth it!

Happy Women's Day y'all!!!

Random Photos:

Miss dynamic herself

I camwhore, anujah works:)

Super supportive psychology women at CFP!:)

The woman who made the cupcakes for IWD is awesome too (lol)

PURP OUT LOUD winners!!!! Anujah, Stephanie, Xue Zhen.

*Don't ask why committee members won. lols!

Ask Azah and Marion who were the judges!

IWD in the making: Me stoning over how to do the posters, Chi Sum and Anujah msn-ing each other on the same table and Stephanie taking our picture. lols! and Thanks to Starbucks, we have IWD. hahahah wtf. We were at Starbucks for 3 consecutive Sundays for our meetings. Yes, it took 3 meetings only. HAHAHAHA

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Have to PRE ORDER! (muahahahhaa)
Comes in all shapes and sizes. lols.

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Karen wrote this at.. 3/07/2008 10:55:00 PM

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