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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
artificial beauty


i''ve succumbed...

im now an artificial beauty (yes, i am beautiful!). I have high SE ok!

wearing mascara is fun....cos you get to have so loooooong eye lashes! hahaha.

sucky part is removing make up...i need a nicer make up remover.

which make up remover do you use? *HELP!*

*brand name please?*

anyways, Rachel and I were talking about baking and she said she baked strawberry muffins...then i remembered when i went to Bijou for food tasting, i had strawberry muffins also.

and it was yums!

so i found a recipe and asked my brother to buy strawberries. I hope he comes back with some goodies. and i'll bake today. lol

so late, but i dun care. i feel like baking.

EI test-finalising items
emmagem-do banner and update "about us" page
dad-type stuff.

i can die ok. but today at work, i spent my day talking with other interns.

hahaha. owh yeah, and my supervisor belanja us makan today!:)

heehee. will update with pictures soon, i know my blog is lacking pictures.


unedited photos of the past 3 weeks. lols. cos my brother did not buy strawberries.

(Psychometrics interns, except Beatrice)
Jasmine, Wai Kee, John, Dr. Mustafa, Jean Ee, FATdoublechinLOOKING me, Beatrice

Ok, this was last week. the 2 days i happen to take photos were the two days i wore the same shirt. lol.
with Jet and Jean Ee

Reunited first sem friends:)
Row, Mel, Pia and Me

one of those after gym days with Laily.

I have the roundest face ever!!
Victoria, Pei Shan, Moi and Mr. G
With Elaine's workmates at Zouk for the Rock With Reason Concert
Forgotthername, Gary, Shan, Me, Elaine and Derek.

ok, now im satisfied. byebye now

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Karen wrote this at.. 7/18/2007 09:36:00 PM

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