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Thursday, July 05, 2007

800th post!:)


my blog is so old.

I had fun yesterday...long day, but was nice:)

went to CareerSense
met Dr. Mustafa. must think of what projects to do now..lol. more thinking. lol. more brain use. not fun.

walked around the Curve aimlessly, ALONE
some ppl ffk. bleh, but since its his birthday today, i shall forgive him.


bought Point Blanc's Album, Straight to the point. Support local music, yo!


went to gym
did body combat ALONE! lol was fun. feel all lighter now. lol. elaine came later on.

went to Tempered Mental's Album Launch@Laundry Bar
was super fun:) bought their album, The View From Here. and i got their autograph!:) lol. they played a few songs from their new album. it was really nice:) i miss going for gigs! i should go for more. I miss loud music to my ear....i miss standing in the crowd with people. i miss head bobbing and leg moving to music (note, i don't headbang, unless im in a super moshed pit) hahahahaha. Tempered mental rocked!:)


owh, and...
Sleezy old chinese men came to our table and chatted. hahahahahah. he's a movie producer konon. Also met Laily there too. going gym with her soon!:) Laily was with Jaycee and Chloe. was introduced to Amil from Dragon Red and Azana (his friend?). lol. im so bad at networking. omg. cos like i forget people's name after 3 seconds.


And I finally met Kevin!!! he came over and said hi! :)
after so long of chatting online, i finally met Kevin from Qings&Kueens who said he wanted to retire from performing rock music. please kill him can? i love Q&K! must perform must perform!!! Karen will bake cupcakes for your album launch!:) lol.

went to Sanctuary later on to meet some of my friend's friend. Sanctuary was so-so. i prefer laundry. lol.

anyways. fun night.

i shall sleep now. its 412, omg!
hahaha, hey im on holiday! :p

i miss sidney!:(

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