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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

my laptop broke again. omg

feel so immobile when at work. cos must use windows 98 at work. eiuww

but i've been surviving at work.

things are starting to move along.

Went gym today. i suck at combat and jam and attack. but i like classes.but i hate hate jam. cos i really suck at dancing.

anyways, i've been going quite a lot lately, but not much also. i shall take a break tmr and go gym again on thursday.

i wanna be a gym junkie, but i havent got the rush yet. lol.

i've got work lining up like mad. emmagem's website development, Emotional intelligence scale, mindvalley design(which is due soon, omg!), and Inbam asked me if i wanna design, and i said yes!of course i want to! whether or not i can make time, is another matter. but designing is fun, i can stay up late also nevermind. EQ test only a bit spas, cos must think so much about items and all. omg. and tmr's my day to ask him questions and all. omg mg


can die ok. but i've been procrastinating. usual.

i met so many people last week and last last week...so many pictures, but im just too lazy to edit. lol.

sidney, tk, laily, mr.G, victoria, peishan, elaine's workmates, Amelia's farewell peeps.....



i'm sleepy.


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Karen wrote this at.. 7/18/2007 01:05:00 AM

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