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Thursday, July 05, 2007
msn weirdness

you know how sometimes you chat to strangers on msn.

some people just click with you and you can chat all night long. Some people just can't converse at all...like even if you ask questions and stuff.

i've had a few strangers adding me on msn lately. Well, a few, but i only noticed 2. I'm actually cleaning up my msn list....half of the people there, i don't talk to, and don't even know them at all.

so anyways, that day, this stranger, i msn-ed. I acted all bodoh, "may i know who is this (*sorry brain damage*) hahaha. i didn't wanna like you know forget people i actually know. hahah.

Then this stranger said he's from the US. I have no idea how i got his msn or he got mine. but we managed to have a decent conversation.

Then today, this guy, he said he added me longggg ago. i was like huh? then i searched his email on friendster. and i found his profile. never in my life that i would know this person la. lol. Why would i have his msn. haha

conversation with him wasn't that well. lol.

so off he goes. lol

anyways, my msn is seperated into few categories...
can't believe i listed down that. So yea, don't emo if i forgot to add you. lol. I was just browsing through my msn list. haha. i dunno who to delete. Cos one day, i might need them you know! lol.

well, i really wat to be all chatty to everyone, but sometimes, you know, memang got nothing to talk about. Some people when we chat, can go on and on because when we chat, we bring up other topics and like, both people actually replies. lol.

Kevin told me i'm pretty sociable on msn. LOL. cos i was telling him about how i am super shy when it comes to socializing. hahahaha. elaine has taught me a thing or two in "networking" hahahhaha.

owh well. IM communication. i shall do a thesis on that. lol


Went to Jusco with tk to celebrate his bday. Bought him Cake! lol. i also bought a black t shirt. hahhaa. on impulse, cos i thought i looked horrible.

anyways, i went to Amelia's farewell party just now...It was ok, met up with row, mel...just like old times, but not quite, but somehow just like old times. :D took pictures!:) will put up later. Owh, and I saw Azat from first semester just now. He left so fast tak sempat say hi also! Her guests are all so well dressed. hahaha. like they all wore pretty dresses and stuff. I was like in my jeans skit and t shirt. haha. lol. Well, i guess, college kids nowadays wear dresses to occasions like that, only i am left behind in the fashion world. lol. more like i got no money to buy pretty dresses la. haha.

I've been facebook-ing alot lately. lol.

and i've been also using "lol" quite often! ahahhahahahahaha

ok bye

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Karen wrote this at.. 7/05/2007 11:16:00 PM

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