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Sunday, May 06, 2007

I was msn-ing with Maria today.She got into SCAD, the college she applied for!:)

Congrats to her!:)

next sem's going to be hard, i mean, most of my first sem friends would be leaving. UIU friends also will be leaving very soon. I'll probably be a loner again. but hey, Elaine's still here! until the end of the year...

i'm now trying to convince my parents to allow me to take a semester off to work and travel in the USA. Heehee. i mean, they just need to provide me with a semester's amount of money and tada, i can go work in the USA...

checked out the website, apparently, Paul Jambunathan is their consultant, and my mum knows him!!! muahahha.

karen 1
parents 0

but they said that they're afraid of my safety, people might kidnap me, shoot me, rob me, yada yada yada.

karen 1
parents 1

but then again, I will gain SO MUCH experience! making new friends living the "american dream" hahahhahaha. earning money to travel myself. Being independent...

karen 2
parents 1

but then again, paying for all the fees, visa, SEVIS, flight, application, plus cash in hand when going, *CANDIE*

karen 2
parents 100


not fun. i wish i was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Then money would NOT be a problem. because the most "CONS" for me going there would be $$$.

and my bank account won't be empty. and i can go shop in DP, Zara, GAP, CK and all designer bags like everyday.

and also i will get a bigger room and a bigger closet and a PDA phone.

i will have a driver take me to NS to see sidney.

heck, i will probably be studying there instead of crappy here.


i don't always get what i want, but my life now isn't so bad :D

On a brighter note, Gluttons on a Diet is up!:) Nothing there yet, because Elaine has not get back to me about how will things go and what else must we put to beautify the blog. hahaa. but i love the cupcakes tho. If elaine doesn't want the layout, i will put it here on my blog. heehee. I downloaded a template of the cupcake and sprinkled and iced it myself. ahhahaa.

i miss baking. i wil probably bake cuppies for the ADPSC party. heehee. i feel so left out of ADPSC cos i never went for meeting. haha. what kind of ex-president is this man!But i was just too caught up in my own world to go for meetings and what nots.

I need to get back being "active".

but then again, i've been concentrating on getting experiences working than wanting to be active in college. I guess i'm done with being active, now on to the gaining experience part?

but as much as i love getting the money from my internship with emmagem, i'd rather study than work+study. its tiresome and yea, a lot of responsibility. candie.

I think i need to stop thinking and start enjoying life.

///////////////EDIT TO ADD///////////////////

Check out my friend's Website. supercutecandie.


happy happy page!

been oogling online...
here's some stuff i would buy (again if i was richer, or earning a whole load of cash)

I think this dress looks so cute!:) and would fit me well. i think. cos i have one thats similar. hahaha.

This one i similar to a designer dress that is uber cute. By Alice McCall-the patterns and stuff. very cute.

Simple red spag top. yums.

I wish i had legs to rock shorts. but i don't! owh well. just oogle people wearing them la.

another cute shorts. which i will never ever wear!

Now on to SUPERCUTECANDIE jewelries from Diva.

A combo of necklace and bracelet. i would so buy this!:)

I see cupcake here!:)

Random cuteness.

Birds in a cage! :D

/Window shopping therapy end

Checking out friendster again. lame person(ME) checks out friendster at the wee hours in the morning.

Yesterday i was checking out college mates. before that my high school mates, before before that was my primary school mates! Today, i'm checking out old tuition friends.

not perfection friends, but Teacher Janet's Tuition at Taman Bukit Maluri.

HAHA. Those were the days!:) we were like 13/14~! so young and geeky looking(just me la) and naive.

They're all so grown up! Nisha, Edwards, Sudhesh, Sathish, Vinoth etc. (well, just these 4 la, cos i can't find the others. ) And also because of the Penang Trip in Perfection, we were closer then. I miss having trips like that!

Dec2001- I WAS THERE!!!

and so like changed like how they look. i mean Nisha is so much hotter now. The twins looks so "grown up" and Edwards also. haha. (three of them are also pilots now.) I was wondering, are there lady pilots?

do i look "grown up" too?


Met them back in October last year. Didn't chat up much. I guess time made everyone so kekok around each other. (me+lea and them la).

owh wells. wish them well in life:)

I wonder if i will ever stumble upon people from Perfection's Friendster. I mean, they were part of my life for 3 whole years. We see each other almost everyday! staying up till 10pm at tuition! hahaha. yes, i took form4 classes when i was in form5. for revision. explains the long hours in Perfection.

Just checked out the website, how has perfection evolved! They have so many branches now. with so much nicer classrooms and studios!



I recognize Sujin also. hahahhahaha.

JB was my bio teacher. He once got so angry at our class (it was his PMS year) he cursed all of us that we won't get A1 for bio. (i got A1, sucka!). but he is still a good teacher. (notice how i used teacher, hahahha. so weird)

That's Christopher, the mastermind of Perfection Training Academy!

I wonder if they still have any of the Penang Trip's Photos! Maybe i should contact them and ask!:) hahaha. I don't think i have that many photos and i remember the perfection staff were taking photos..i want!!!

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