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Friday, May 04, 2007

Today Elaine and I got the taste of what Celebs/socialites in Malaysia do. haha.

ok, i will sound very jakun in the next few paragraphs, bare with me...hahahha. It is not always i go to events like this, in fact, this is my first. so jakun like gila la.

We went for a Charity Auction by Kerastase. Held at Zeta Bar, Hilton KL. The place was pretty awesome. I wouldn't mind going there again:) heehee.

omg, we were treated like so nice. heehee. signed the guest book, people ushering you to make sure you're okay. The cameraman with this HUGE DSLR took my picture behind the Kerastase Backdrop. I felt like a super socialite. hahahhaa. I got a goodie bag filled with a Keratase Shampoo and Moisturizer. *beams*

Went in and whoaaa..like a different world. So many socialites, celebs, media....pretty pretty people in pretty dresses! Drank free flow of Champagne, Wine-white and red, little finger foods, strawberry fondues, chocolate with brandy. yumsss..

ok, haha, for the main purpose of the event.

Keratase and the designers Donna Chew, Beatrice Looi and Zang Toi collaborated and is trying to raise fund for UNICEF. So they donated their pieces and people who came today did a silent bid on the clothes. For the past few months, they were also selling these little environmental-friendly grocery bags at Kerastase Salons. They raised quite a lot of money. i think about RM30000.

I bought one of those bags too. for RM10 by donation. haha. sorry la, i'm only a student living with measly amount of pay. Somemore must pay parking fee-RM14!!!candiecutthroatandhangself.com. anyways, We didn't stay long also, because the parking ticket would cost a bomb! We left before the announced the winning bid.

The people: Elaine Daly, Syafinaz, MODA president dunno who, Anya Hindmarch retail rep, Serena C, Joyce Kinkybluefairy, William Quah who was the MC, and many many people you would see at the Malaysia Tatler Magazine. HAHAHHAHA. I was so lost before Elaine came. like omg, i felt so out, although, i was dressed to kill. muahhahahahha. okla, i just wore my killer red cocktail dress. heehee. Pictures soon, at Elaine's camera. My camera cacat.com.

So we didn't do much "writer" work. Just got the press release and went back. We were too shy and scared to network and chat. First time la. (in the words of Elaine) chill! :) We need to collect some guts and start socializing.

if i can do this every week and just cover events like this, i don't mind being a journalist. HAHA. but, such glamour jobs are so hard to find.

owh well, back to normal life after we left Zeta Bar.

Went to Bangsar Village II later to walk around. We entered some shops thinking about what to write about it for emmagem. haha. we work day and night nowadays. such workaholics. Theres this one shop, T-joue that sells quite nice stuff for cheap price...go check it out!:)

We had dinner at Marmalade. This place is super cute!:) The place is awesome too. Reviews at our (Elaine and I) food blog that we're going to start soon:)


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