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Thursday, May 03, 2007

E! is so addictive!

Everyone now, thank ASTRO for getting E! on channel 76!

i'm addicted. all the celeb news, gossips, stories. wahhh. Sibuk-people channel.

I just watched House of Carters.

my msn message:
i'm on restraining order...from shopping malls. I shall rot at home with E!

I'm not sure if i need to go to work tomorrow. boss did not tell me if we're having the meeting with the guy tmr or friday. owh wells. I think i shall go on friday. then, maybe we can leave early cos its friiidayyyy. hahaha

i did not go to gym for so long. I'm finally fully healed from body pump. It was a loooong process of healing. I think i shall go tomorrow. but i dunno how to use the machines by myself. hahaha. simply go press the treadmill? must call PT to start on my regime. will call PT tmr morning if i'm awake. i should be. i must. i must use the gym.

anyways, Inbam asked me if i want to work as a freelance graphic designer. I was flattered!:) heehee. but i've never really designed any business cards/logos before. Only the emmagem one i made for elaine and I. one ADPSC logo for april fools' party. what else? i usually just design blogs and posters and other lame craps. haha.

sneak preview of the Mell Fashion Show.

Sazzy Falak in this really cute dress by Mell!

Low Ngai Yuen and her entourage.

Finally, Melinda Looi the designer and her hot husband (only when he wears the aviators). their kid is super cutey wooty

more at emmagem.com on the 15th....i'm a Mell Fashionista member. I get discounts and stuff. Since i was "press" that day, we got the card for free!:) although, the first 150 people who go there also get a free membership+a t shirt. but since we're media, we do not get t shirts!! what a rip off!

remember the party i went to last month? Sher's party. hahaha. we made her cupcakes...

....and she pimped me on her blog! hahahhaa. check it out. no no, i'm no professional baker. Just love baking cuppies. hehe. I miss baking. and icing. i wanna bake!!!! but no money to buy ingredients. ahhahahahahaha.

i'm broke.com but i'm loving my new bag. I wanna bring it around. hahaha.

i told my mum i bought new jeans, she just stared blankly at it. hahahha. i guess she's sick of seeing my purchases week after week.

im so bored and i can't sleep. I took a loooongggg nap in the afternoon. that explains the wide open eyes now.

Lily Allen's song Alfie is so cute!watch the video...

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