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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
the shopaholic in me



i've shopped till my bank is like crying out loud.


anyways, back to online "window shopping"

the very kind PS has agreed to go check out the DP in UK to get me this bag.

The DP in KL has it, but when it is on SALE for 4 pounds, it is wayyyyy cheaper than what they are selling it here for now. So, i asked PS to get me one:) heehee. its lovely right? i love hobos. This bag is small and cute!:)


so i was browsing, browsing, then i wanted to find this really cute strawberry top that i tried on that day.

omg, i look awesomely me in that top.

i couldn't find it online....but i saw another equally cute top.

SOMEONE PLEASE BUY ME THIS TOP(or the strawberry one at DP 1U). Size 12 thank you!:)

the price.........lets just say it is something that i won't pay for a spag top la k..haha

Since we're in the website, lemme show you the bag i bought..

I don't really fancy the skull on it, but hey, i really like the shape of it and the size of it. hehe. can fit books and umbrella and A4 sized items. and IT FEELS SO SOFT, you can hug it to sleep like a princess. hahaha. ok, biker chick. I can just turn it around and tada, no skull!:) hehe.. so i've just got my new sem bag. now all i need are new pencil case, new pens, new files, new papers, new everything. hahaha. all prepared for the new sem!:)

bimbo. pffth.


Karen wrote this at.. 5/02/2007 02:26:00 AM

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