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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
First FF experience

Went for Body Jam today:)

was super fun. OF course, me, being super not coordinated at all, fail giler! hahahhahaa

then went on this floating step machine for like 5 minutes. heehee.

going again tomorrow:)

can't wait.

anyways, guess who "viewed" me on friendster? My primary school friend, Teoh Chuan Hui!! hahaha. he was one of the 3 people who unexpectedly got 5A's for UPSR. hahahha. of course, i was one of the 3. I was so crap in school that the teachers never expected me to get 5A's! hahaha.

Also met Bee Tee on friendster. hehe. she was in my group of girlfriends too. there were 10 of us, like "chee muis" hahahhaha. Phui Kuan, now is oh so thin Mei Ee, Super Glam May Nee, Mun Lye who is sick now.., Yuen Theng that i always talk about, Sook Teng, Jessica who has a kid now, Mun Yee-i can't find her friendster and of course, ME!:) *since i linked everyone's friendster, i shall do mine too.lol*

friendster makes the world smaller.

i wanna find my 2 other friends whom i bullied a lot.HAHAHA Shahrul Nizam and Hidayat.If you ever pass by here, please holler at me!:) Mei Ee and I sat in front of them and we always alwasy bully them!:)

gtg do work. sucks when you have to work during the holidays!:(

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Karen wrote this at.. 4/24/2007 10:49:00 PM

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