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Monday, May 14, 2007
3rd year? really?

First day of summer 2007.

My third year officially begins.

most of my friends from the land of kangaroos would be graduating.

I'll be only in my third year in a 4 year course!

thats for bumming half a year, and starting ADP all over again! hahahha.

owh well, CIMP was so much fun, its like skipping a year to go have fun. Not forgetting how it made me so much confident in scoring in exams and doing well. *smiles*

OWH YEAH, grades!

A- for movies! Thanks Zan! :D (i was expecting A or A-! hahaha)
A for Intercultural Comm (this one, MUST GET, if not can jump down level 4!)
B for Comm in workplace.. (boohoo!)
B for anthropology (this one, i totally deserve!)
B for Issues and Ethics (haha, i was SO HOPING it wasn't a C!)

I'm overall happy la with my results. (WHAT HAPPENED TO ME RIGHT??? being happy over 3B's!!!!)

like usually, i will get all bummed over B's. Now, I'm happy that i got B and i was hoping for a B.



I need to bring back First Sem Karen. The one who aced all quizzes, studied for every test, did well in finals and grins happily when she gets her exam results. Not the bummer 3rd year Karen-who gets B and still be all jolly and happy.


well, I don't always get what i want in life! As deserve to be with hardworking people and bummers like me, should just be happy with stupid grades. HAHA


This sem, if all goes well, I'll be taking Effective Listening and Human Motivation OR Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

What boring subjects! I totally can't take Counseling Psych. bummer.


I'll be tutoring for PY211. haha. Well, i hope i can remember snd be on my toes. this time, not Winnee's class!!!:( So new lecturer, Dr. John Garcia (a Filipino! can learn Tagalog from him for my Philippines trip! hahaha) all new materials, new method of teaching, etc etc!

Xue Zhen and I can still bum in Tutor's room this sem also! hahahhahaha.

I need to start applying for Internships.

someone teach me how to write a kickass cover letter please?

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Karen wrote this at.. 5/14/2007 10:42:00 PM

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