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Thursday, October 19, 2006

i just sent emails out to new members of ADPSC. super frustrating!


stupid hotmail account keep on bouncing my mails! sheessssshhhh...hatehate hotmail!

i was watching PopInc just now, and i fell in love with Utt all over again!:) heehee. i used to lurrrrvvveee Utt so much, until i cut out newspaper clippings and all on him! hahahaha.

talking to one new member of ADPSC on msn. im not sure if that person's a he or she i dunno how to ask.. Abbilashya. i guess she's a she. hehe.

its hard ok, Abbi is such an unisex name!

if you ever stumble upon this, Abbi, i'm so sorry!:) haha. im stupid.com

So, its the end of second week of classes. i did some design for PubDesign Class and Interviewing Class is not bad. Tmr's ADPSC first meeting. i should be preparing a "speech". i'm not sure. i don't like speeches. i don't like public speaking. its just not me!

i'm super quitting next semester. so we will have new President, 1 new VP (since Row dowan to be prez!), new Treasurer, new HR person, new PR.

i can't wait to not be president!:) i wanna join other things (ADPSC has taken 2 years of my undergrad life), such as IPRMSA~! haha. new PRO...be a tutor, if i pass the test!:/

i also need to concentrate on my final year project. ugh.

haihs....i had so much to blog about just now. but the stupid hotmail issue took so much of my time!


i wanna sleep. headache. like sharp pain on one side of my head. maybe i might die before i achieve anything important in life. hah!

Karen wrote this at.. 10/19/2006 09:31:00 PM

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