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Thursday, January 19, 2006
i've been tagged by hazel+sofia+sarah

Five of my weird habits

1. going online everyday!
its madness i tell you, i have to go online like everyday, or else i don't feel complete! as of now, im blogging at HELP's main block. luckily i brought my lap top today, cos i dun have access to the HELP's computers yet. its not that bad, HELP's wireless.. hehe. i miss going online at college! too bad i have a freaking 3 kg's laptop.or else i will be bringing lap top like every other day to go online. AND ALSO, when i go online, must open mozila firefox, open 3 tabs, one lyyyl@LJ.com, one lyyyl@blogspot.com and one gmail to check my mail! owh and ofcourse msn!:) haha.

2. putting alot of stuff on my bed, beside me.
i have tons of stuff on one side of my bed. i have a queen sized bed, you see. and only i sleep on it. so the other side is used to put my HP, aircon remote, magazines, hair brush, my organizer, loads of craps, wallet, papers, receipts and stuff! hahah. i would give u a photograpic evidence soon when i go home!:) hehe i put thee things there so that i remmeber to bring it the next day, or they're essential to me, ie:hp and remote control for air con!:) haha.

3. ok, so this is more like bad habit, i am damn messy!
i usually just put any things in my room on the closest place i can find! HAHA. like if i took a book from the cupboard, i usually just put it back on my desk. so eventually my table will be filled with hair bands, notebooks, earrings, CD's...and all the craps i collect!:)

4. i love to play solitaire on my phone before i sleep EVERYDAY.
thats self explainatory!:)

5. i love to sleep!
ok, so im too lazy to figure out what i do weird. maybe you know more about me!:) hehe

TAG TO 5 people..

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wing sun

DONE!:) haha
12 Years Ago I was:
now that i'm 19, 19-12=7
i was 7. i went to school. SRK La Salle 2 jinjang! haha. i know, many of you would go, "jinjang Joe!" "damn ulu area" and any other remarks!:) haha. but heck, school there was fun. i was so naive at 7. i got kacaued by these 2 indian boys. then i told my mum, they came to school and school them! haha. my friends were wei foong and yuen theng from tadika! then i remember borrowing colour pencils to May Nee because she did not have one and thats how we became friends! haha. so cute! by borrowing colour pencils! hahaha. i miss primary school!:)

7 years ago I was:
19-7= i was 12.
i was in standard 6...UPSR. i was still not good at science. i always got B and C's.. damn dumdum! haha. then i had this trusty reference book which i highlighted like EVERY WORD in many different colours! hahaha. i was so damn proud to be the only 3 people who got 5A's for UPSR in my tiny school! hahahhaah. no one expected me, karen to get 5 A's ok. i was like the dumb one in school. haha. such a great self esteem booster! hahaha:)

2 years ago I was:
i was in form 5! haha. 5K was hell. but ok in the end when everyone made friends. its like after 2 years only everyone opened up to everyone. majority of my classmates were mandrin educated, so they were very reserved to those who can speak mandrin. i was obviously not speaking mandrin, so i was very left out. HAHA. but eventually they found out i spoke cantonese and yeah, they opened up and tried to make me speak cantonese. i failed miserably! ahhaha.

Yesterday I was:
in college in the morning,went to the clubs and socs day. promoted ADPSC. went to Tasputra, they chased us away cos we din have a letter, and came back home. went out for dinner. cos karenlee wanted to shop. met gracie, wingsun and dinesh too.

5 Songs I Know All the Words To:
- Every Spice Girl, BSB and N*Sync song. Ahhh, those were the days.(*ditto, sofia!*
- Aint no mountain high enough
- California (OC Theme)
- Dancing in the moonlight
- more tahn words +many mnay more..(some how lyrics fit my brains better than textbooks)

5 Favourite Toys:
- Shuffle
- Laptop
- Casio Exilim
- my new organizer (if thats a toy!:)
- my soft toys?

5 Fictional Characters I Would Date:
- Seth Cohen.definitely!
- Matt Camden from 7th heaven!:)
- Adam Sandler in 50 first dates
- Jay Rodriguez (queer eye)
- Jessica Alba in Honey. (if i was a guy!)

Tag tag tag...5 people enogh la!
elaine, denise, amelia, hazel, oliver, wing sun, gracie, karenlee....and so on..
(many has done this thingy adey, so owh well, just do if u wana!)

Karen wrote this at.. 1/19/2006 12:45:00 PM

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