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Thursday, January 19, 2006
meet up with me kawan2 sebuntut in sunway!


after a gruelling 1 hour or so editing layouts, i finally have time to blog! HAHA
both of me friends, Gracie Foo and Wing Sun got blogs! hahahaha.so i made chatterbox and added links for them :) new bloggers! yay!:) KarenLee also wanna change now! HAHA..

so met up with them today at sunway pyramid. had kimgarys. daymn mahal. but ok la. shall eat bread for thursday and friday! haha.

my smile improved? no? HAHA. KarenM+WingSun+KarenL

Gracie Foo and me..


so yea, today was clubs and socs day!:) ADPSC was the most outstanding booth there! we were ALL in blue! HAHA..taka a peek.

damn blue right!!!

OWH YA! SARIMAH IBRAHIM signed up for ADPSC! dang! we have a calebrity in our council!:) oooh yea...ahahahhaa..we were all so starstruck!:)

*im too lazy to align my pictures, so bear with it!:)*

council members fall2005
some old photo i found in my computer. taken last sem. ADPSC members at the beginning of fall 2005.

ok gtg sleep. so late adey! hehe..BYE!

Karen wrote this at.. 1/19/2006 01:41:00 AM

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