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Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Happy CNY!

been sick! omg

hate being sick. Sorry i haven't been on msn. Actually i am. Just "appearing offline" lols. I was down the whole Sunday and Monday anyways. Just beginning to feel better. -_-

After Switchfoot(photos here)(camera phone, no i didn't bring camera. haha), I was sick. hahaha. must be all that tiredness. plus stress of everything else haihs.

btw, i got a black cheongsam top from Central Market! :D i can't fit into cheongsam dresses. boohoo. too fat!!!need to loose weight. haihs

Switchfoot were awesome!They pretty much played all their hit singles and other songs(the ones i don't know of). We were quite in front. ALOTOF freaking ppl who pushed their way to the front. Giler man! So persistent. Felt like slapping them upsidedown and sideways three times. so annoying!

Met Basil there. Our plan to stick together failed. lols. Was about to meet and greet with them till stoooooooooooopid Fly fm ppl moved the meet and greet table away. We were like the first 20 ppl in front of the meet and greet line! WTF. Fly fm can go kill themselves can? simply change the meet and greet table!

Basilfoo, did you stay back for the meet and greet??

anywayssss...going to Taiping tmr...


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