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Friday, May 18, 2007
update from me

if you havent already seen my portfolio, GO SEE :)


the layout is very cute ok! (but its not done by me la!)

looks like this! Super cute hor?

sorryla, no own host yet!

Someone Donate RM50 (and tutorial lessons) for the poor Karen to get her own domain name (lyyyl.net is still available)


should've continued using it!


owh well.

I just finished all that i was supposed to do today
Busy woman i tell you!

Gym was so-so today. SECOND and LAST personal training session. She made me do more machines and stuff. But no more Naquinn (my PT) after today! After the session, she went on telling me the PT packages!

1 session RM130 (per hour)


10+1 sessions RM1150 (discounted rate)

25+5 sessions RM2652 (discounted rate)

being a personal trainer and a clinical psychologist (in malaysia) is almost the same.

LIKE, wtf! all that studying, research, masters, PHD, training sessions, amount of money paid just to be competent enough, not to mention we are also making sure of the mental health of the people is ok and we get paid RM20 more than a Fitness First PT (ok, so they make sure the physical health of people is ok) ? and all you need to be a PT is just a fit body and probably no body fat?

T_T (thats a crying smiley btw, lol. XueZhen always uses it)


life's unfair!

Tomorrow i'll be doing Cardio early in the morning at 8am. heehee. I hope i can wake up....must bring less clothes tmr. must fit all in a backpack! Cos i have class at 10 the CSS. hahaha. I have been using this HUGE bag. I bring like 2 towels and at least 2 t shirts in case one doesn't go with my bottom (it really doesn't matter, cos i only wear jeans and jeans skirt all the time).

wah, its so late already. I should pack, read chapter 2 and sleep. Owh, i must wrap my book also. but i don't have tape and wrapping plastic. haha.

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Karen wrote this at.. 5/18/2007 12:12:00 AM

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