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Friday, February 09, 2007
701th post

6 more days till....... <3

its my 701th post. this blog as been online since 2003. shows that i hardly update my blog! hahaha. A lot of people from my college has blogs. blogs make the world so small. everyone writes about their lives. everyone rants, posts pictures, be all emo in the W.W.W.

i went to work today, it was very productive. i finished 2 articles. well, one article,one short one. but i find it productive because i made it in google docs using the tables. so its much neater than what we have now.

emmagem's going to have a revamp soon...:) i'm glad. my pay's coming in next week. yay!:) i can't wait. owh wells, i shall keep the money and save save save!:)

i'm going for the Amazingly Fearless Race '07 (AFR) tomorrow! omgness. i haven't been in races like these for ages! *dies* i hope i can keep up with everyone else. i don't want to be Mardy and Marsio...hahaha...i hope to be Zabrina and JoeJer of the AFR. HAHAHA. Carla's coming too...yay! got teman. i'll most probably be going to church alone. SFX somemore. omgness. i hardly ever go to church alone. actually, never ever. somemore my first time's going to be in sfx? whoaaa...be strongggg..haha...i hope i can catch Carla before mass starts...hope the AFR's going to be super fun!:) hehe. sounds like fun from the past AFR's...and i hope Carla's in my team!:) but, my team can't count on me for the bible quizzes part. HAHAHA


i brought camera to CSS. as usual, CSS always drags till 2pm. so many of them and i had to go after that.so no picture taking session. But i did get some candid shots during the sharing. no pretty sky pictures too:(

i feel so sleepy.

i am getting used to the "tutor's room" i mean. its a "special" room for us tutors to lepak and hang out. not much "marking" is done in there. we usually do other assignments there. make noise and peep outside the window.

CSS candid shots

and of course, there was ME!:P ahhahah

Photo of the day:

Elaine's getting BLOGSPOT!!! hahahha. yay!:) :)

Flock is really making my blogging time so short. i love flock! Everyone should get Flock!

byebye people.

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