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Friday, February 02, 2007
TARA Finale

okay, so, i've given people time to watch the repeats before i blog about it. its been 24 hours. HAHAHA.

DISCLAIMER: IF YOU (yes, you, Denise) HAVE NOT WATCHED TARA as of now, PLEASE CLOSE THIS PAGE NOW! :) come back later! hahaha...


I'm gonna post pictures about the Amazing Race Asia and blog about who won...so don't scroll down.

Notice the long long spaces in between sentences...hahahaha..so that you can't see what's below!:)

ok, here goes...

So yesterday was fun. My brother, his gf and I went to Aloha at like 7pm. Since we were not "invited" we did not get Caltex Goodie bags, free drinks coupon and a special chop to go to teh after party. Owh well. NVM! We secured ourselves with a really good seat. Soon after three girls came over and sat beside us, they shared their drink coupons with us. So we had cokes and beer. =D yes, i tried being alco-drinker that day. HAHA. had a glass of Whisky+Coke. FREE Flow!! haha. all you alco-kaki should've come!!*winks,winks elaine* We also stole some food from the buffet area. haha. free food mar. malaysians where can run from free food wan!

Anyways, by 8 something most of the contestants were there:

Sandy and Francesca
Andy and Laura
Andrew and Syeon
Howard and Sahran
JoeJer and Zabrina


Allan Wu

They were like talking to the press and stuff. We were sitting in our little spots not moving. I was too chicken to go around mingling with them. i need PR skills. if only my PR was there, ELAINEEEE!! wish u came! anyways, JoeJer's bf/husband is a very hot orang putih! hahaha. Joe Jer had like FANS man...they came in red shirts saying "Go JoeJer, Go!" Super fanatic!:) hhaha.

They came on stage to talk talk to the fans...the other orang putih fella is the producer Mike McKay

anyways, the show started, and omg, i was at the edge of my seat all the time!!! Andrew and Syeon were first, but ended up last. Thanks to their map reading skills! They should've just hired a taxi to take them around. but if they did that, JoeJer and Zabrina would not win. San Fran were SO CLOSE! omgness. if i was them, i would so kill myself!! A lot of people tak puas Joe Jer and Zabrina won. i wonder why. I was rooting for them since the start!!! YAY for them. I'm super glad they won!! I'm such TARA junkie.

Elaine and I met Zabrina last week, and she can so calmly tell us that she cannot tell us who won. If it was me, i cannot keep such a big secret man!!! USD$50K richer already both of them... so nice...i also want cash like that man...

After the show, we went downstairs to take some picture with them. Did not manage to catch everyone though. After we came down, they did not let anyone without the hand chop go back upstairs. MAN, we should've waited upstairs!!!

owh well, i had fun. It was fun watching with all the fans. Shouting and clapping whenever someone was ahead of any team.

Hope there's TARA 2 soon. I WANNA JOIN!!! but i'm so not fit(physically) to join.

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