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Monday, February 05, 2007
Point Blanc

took this photo today.

Obviously tweaked like mad..where got angel flying in my front porch wan...

if you know me, you should know of my Poetic ammo Days! hahaha...omgness, you should see me in the old photos, i look super geeky with my gawky hairstyle and supernotphotogenic at all. so shy to put any pictures online.

ANYWAYS, Point Blanc of Poetic Ammo just came out with a CD-single with 2 songs..

Ipoh Mali


KL Lheng Chai (Cantonese)

Its really really awesome! :) very hiphop and poetic ammo-ish la. GO LISTEN!!

str8tothepoint.blogspot.com (his blog)

ok, here's the only poetic ammo photo i could find... (well, at least the one with yogi and point only la (cos Pammo is them only now!))
*ignore the middle one..haaahhhaa he's not in poetic ammo, but Chakrasonic. Ammo Alliance story is very long and super conflicting...don't wanna get into that!*

side track a bit...
this was taken when i was in form 2/3..wanna see superslim me?

OMGNESS! I'M SO THIN! and geeky looking. omgomgomg.

anyways, back to the main point, listen to point's new songs, its really nice. I'm not saying it because im biased (i am biased, of course) but really, it is really nice. if you dig hiphop la.

the album cover...

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