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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i was browsing the amazing race asia's forum..

there was a topic on "The truth about Zabrina Fernandez". So i clicked on it. The forum-ers were talking about her race and religion! hahaha. super funny.
"Zabrina is half Malay, half Indian. She is Muslim and is definitely JJ's sister."
"Is she a married woman ? I heard she already married to Mat Salleh. Good for her but not so good for me ( coz she my kind of lady )"
"i tot she's muslim..i was very suprised when she ate the pork dish(india) and she also said jesus...neway..thanx for the info man.."

"what else?
whats her credit card number?"

"you guy must be wondering what is zabrina races and religion.well,zabrina fernandez is MIXED INDIAN-PORTUGUESE.her religious is CHRISTIAN,whether chtolic @ anglican.she is a sibling of JJ(his brother),the famous dj 4 hitz.fm and vj 4 hitz.tv."


Things people assume and talk about.


hahahhahaha. i love the Amazing Race Asia just because its very close to the heart. I got bored of Amazing Race (US) already...

Final 3 teams: Andrew+Syeon, JoeJer+Zabrina, SanFran

2 malaysian teams!!! hahahah...I really hope Joe Jer and Zabrina wins!:) (although, they actually taped the show last June...ahahhaha). We'll be going for the Live show at Aloha!:) yay!!!

need to finish assignment ASAP man..*dies*

OKAYS. gtg sleep now. byebye.


Karen wrote this at.. 1/31/2007 01:28:00 AM

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