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Friday, January 19, 2007
designer friend

how many of you can say, your friend is a fashion designer?
huh? huh? huh?

(don't answer that, its just a imaginary question to make my post sound nicer, cos i know you do have designer friends!)

is my fashion designer friend. so proud of her!:) hehe. We use to do colouring together in Tadika okay!! hahaa.

i havent seen her in like a year!:( but we chat on msn. Maybe will be meeting her again soon when Wei Foong comes back.

this was taken 2 years ago at my house. We met again last year. but we didn't take pictures. WF so fat and cute. HAHA. and i was much slimmer than now. :(

anyways, i'm here to blog about my fashion designer friend. HAHA

She did a one piece Batik Show at Berjaya Times Square. She's studying at the International Fashion Training Centre(IFTC). I think it was the former FACT.

Thats her batik piece. The blue one. cool hor, she's actually making clothes! just like Project Runway! hahahaha..

The walk with the model thing.
*all images are copyrighted Stella Sue (i just took from her friendster account. haha)*

I'm overwhelmed with work. it sucks.

my itenary today:
8am:wake up
9am:leave house
1130am: meeting with movies group
1pm: CSS
230pm:buy food eat in car
3pm: work
6pm: help out ADPSC with last minute works
7pm: ADP Orientation night (lucky i had fun in this one. I'm so gonna miss everyone when they leave! even if they don't know i exist, i have fun just listening to them talking. i'm weird, i know! I'm gonna miss Maria ALOT after she leaves to do her cool graphic design degree minoring in photography! she's like a super nice person to be around with. )

candie.com okay

from today till Thursday, I'll be damn stressed. So if you see me with bad hair, sloppy clothes, and yea, not blogging (i highly doubt this one). please be sorry for me. HAHA. and by friday. i'm going to Genting!:) yay! break from all stresses.

i'm also damn stressed about my tutorship thingy. I have to conduct a tutorial class, can you imagine?? ME!! i can't even teach myself for nuts. omg, omg, omg what did i get myself into!

Monday: COMM 306 Read chapter 1
Tuesday: TUTORIALS!!! PSY454 QUIZ!
Thursdy: COMM 306 DUE!
Friday: Leave for genting...elaineyyybelaineeeyyy is sending me to the train station:) hehe.

Today i went for ADP's Orientation Night. It was fun!:) Somehow i feel much more at home when I'm with all the ADPSC/IPRMSA crowd than the Tutor/smartpeoplewhoknowsalot crowd. Maybe it takes time to be acquainted with them. Because ADP people i always see during events (because they actually come, and ofcourse i participate) and they're just a bunch of people that i can relate to...owh wells. i need to make more friends. Elaine will be leaving soon....i'll be alone in college by next year.

hmmm....working and studying is hard. actually working and studying is not bad.

working + studying + being a tutor = sucks life out of you.

if i can survive next week. i can do it la! if i can't. i shall break down and be depressed...i can foresee that coming. i'm already mentally exhausted already. somemore celestine ask me to do CSS stuff. I flat out said NO. i know, its like so mean of me to not help out in css. but, REALLY, if i say yes to that, i'll never get to do it in time and disappoint everyone. haihs. sucks la. sucks la. sucks la.

i need to sleep to wake up tmr to do some studying or finish up my homework. haihs.

bye people.

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Karen wrote this at.. 1/19/2007 11:45:00 PM

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