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Thursday, January 18, 2007

thanx to my "blabber fingers" (=blabber mouth), now probably half the students who paid attention in class would know i have a blog.

my comm lecturer found my blog, and he happened to mention it in class about "how i blogged about how i found his link". I was super blur, totally forgot about how another lecturer emailed me about my blog, etc.....long story. he mentioned that too.

there i was "trying" to pay attention in class. when he mentioned me. i was half dreaming and i thought he was talking about the other girl in front of me.


i'll try not to blog names. but, hey, i can't stop it, it just comes out. stupid blabber fingers!

owh well. HI everyone. thanks for lurking around. i love all you lurkers/silent readers. haha.

my blog count has officially passed 20000. *smiles* (i know la, xiaxue gets 20000 or more EACH DAY!) hahaha. my humble blog only passed 20000 after 2 years!hahaha

did i mention i am going to Boyz II Men Live in Genting!:) Thanx again Lea!:)

owh, today, my groupmates and i pitched our ideas to each other, and we're going to come up with this super cool dramatized movie about a theatre actress' life. Not blabbering anymore. In case any movie stealer steals our ideas! hahaha.

Went for tutor's meeting with Xue Zhen and Christin. we have to do the stats and spss test NEXT WEDNESDAY! waaaahhh. candie.com. NEED TO STUDY PY301 ALL OVER AGAIN!! hahaha. i asked for it, now i have to do it! Hung out in the tutor's room afterwards. Okay, so it was our first time being tutors and having the priviledge of sitting in that smelly stuffy room was pretty new to us okay. we walked in once, then walked out after everyone inside stared at us like we were aliens. So we went to Level 4. Meet up with ADPSC members. CSS members. We have SO many Catholics okay! how cool!:) hehe. then i opened laptop and we wanted to watch Russel Peters. It was too noisy at level 4. So we braced ourselves and went to the tutor's room. HAHA.

both of us were junior tutors. we went in, watched RP and laughed our bums off. so noisy. What an impression we made! HAHA.

owh well.

hmmm...question for you...what do you think? do i look like a potential CSS Cell group leader to you? HAHA.

i so totally think i am not. but someone from CSS asked me to "learn" to be one. and well, i said yes. Well, i wasn't thinking about all the things that i have already committed to(well i was considering that, at first). I was totally thinking about my promise to God i made in Confirmation. To be a better Catholic and serve even after Confirmation. tried YAC, failed, broke my spirit, now CSS and yea, i'll try okay! haha. if i fail so badly, i shall not be a leader, but be assistant for the rest of my stay at HELP! haha.

being an assistant means i'm officially Vice Chairperson of CSS. means more meetings with DSA. Deal with the DSA guy. Going for SFX's Lifeline meeting. omg. i can seriously diediedie. PRAY!

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Karen wrote this at.. 1/18/2007 12:52:00 AM

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