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Sunday, January 14, 2007

just came back from YAC gathering :)

super fun. i had fun at least. We met up at SOY center. Had dinner, talked a bit, catched up with Aunty Marge, Uncle Ben, Aunty Zareen and Aunty Sheila....then we adjourned at Spicy Kitchen.

yamcha with YAC is always super fun. Victor, Shaun and Edmund will always be craking jokes, or if not making fun of everything. Thomas with his little gossips. Louanne and Christopher and Yvette and Hazel are always super fun to be with :) We've all grown up. haha. 2 years already...

omg, the picture is taking so long to transfer!!


Sitting: Aunty Sheila, Aunty Zareen, Uncle Ben, Aunty Margeret, Michelle
Standing: Hazel, Yvette, Thomas, Barry, Victor, Edmund, Shaun, Christopher, Louanne, Moi

the three kids were Hazel's cousins...i look HUGE beside louanne and superskinny Chris. *thats why my arms were cut off* haha.

nice to be back with them..i miss hanging out with them loads. we used to see each other like EVERY WEEK!

The WHOLE DAY today i was working. omg, from 10am till 7pm i was in front of my computer doing layout, writing articles, finding pictures. candie.com

hope all goes well and the issue will be out in time!

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Karen wrote this at.. 1/14/2007 12:55:00 AM

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