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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
college student

so today, i felt like a true college student. =D (*before this i was a geek-no-life student. still gonna be starting tmr!)

i woke up at 1030. watched Grey's Anatomy. realised that i was late! faster faster bathe and rushed to 1U. Reached there and realised that Tk was still at home, omg. he woke up when i missed called him at 1130!! wahhh. movie was at 1145. AHAHA.
he came at 1155. movie started at 12. Thank God for advertisements!:) i really didn't want to miss the starting.

We watched Berbagi Suami. an indonesian movie. Its a really great movie with a lot of substance. sorta kinda like Yasmin Ahmad movies, IMO. Its about 3 women who lived with scumbags of husbands. omg, i came out telling tk, "Doesn't this film portray how men are such pigs!!??"

haha. he agreed at some point. we went to mph next. bought Sidney's book. MPH now doesn't do hecket wrapping for non-hard cover books. like OMG, whoever needs wrapping for HARDCOVER BOOKS?? doesn't the hard cover itself helps protect the book already? Soft cover books need MORE protection right? stupid workers. dumdum. They used to wrap any books, okay!!

owh well, we went to Dorothy Perkins next. Tried on a really nice studded denim jeans. really cheap! 50% off!!! can't resist. (now that i have cash, hard earned, i can spend marrr!) Feels good to have money and say "i want to buy something" and really mean it. =D Not just like how i used to just say i want, look, and realize that i seriously cannot afford it, then walk away.

so anyways, we were walking and walking thinking of what to eat for lunch. We walked pass Diva! a new australian based(i think!) shop. and OMG, i was pulled in my the prettiness of the stuff there! =D I knowwww, many of you (overseas people) will be like, "chiiiiuuwww, Diva only mar, been there, bought that! and its so lame and cheap!" but, but, for me, its expansive (sorta because i can never afford anything more than RM10) stuff!!! hahaha. and they have so many things that i want :) hehe. and there was a WHOLE RACK on the right, 50% off!!!! waaaahhhh...super happy smiley! =DD

i looked around and walked away! hahaha. told tk, i won't buy...i won't buy!:) hahaha. Ate at Yoshinoya and left tk for class. Told Elaine ALL about the sale and Diva. guess where we went after class? Diva!!:)

okay, so we went to DP again. i tried on one jeans and a few shirts/dress. I want to buy a jeans. RM169. ok right? it is really nice. considering my big bum

Diva next. we spent like a long time there browsing every rack. We found many discounted items rack.


Best buy thingy

this was on 50% Discount...i loooovveee this one too. and so cheap!:)

best buy thingy also...i absolutely love this one! RM11!!! how to NOT buy, you tell me??

Other random Pictures:
my pinkism president. JESSICA! i need to tell you. Diva has tinker bell necklaces(she lurrveeesss tinkerbell) ! Please go check out Diva!:)

my purchases. HAHA. all 4 books are worth RM240 okay. i also need another Anthropology book worth RM98! CANDIE.COM!


i love my Lainey!:)


On other non-related note:
i love my movies class! we watched this movie called "I am a sex addictReally cool movie =D
i need ideas for my movie. all i could think of right now is
  • Documentary on the Johor Flood Victims' Survival
    Pros: omg, this would be super cool. if we can pull it off la. i mean, we could shoot footages of the place, interview victims and write a storyline that could really touch hearts. i get to see Sidney on the way! yay!
    Cons: All the way to Johor(we sure can't fake a flood)!!!madness. risky.
  • A bimbo-slapstick story. Haven't thought of the storyline yet.
    Pros: Everyone love slapsticks plus one hot bimbo. would be great!
    Cons: where to find bimbo. Stupid stories either have to be really stupid or sure cannot make it wan.
  • A high school girl reading from a trashy fashion magazine and imagines herself being one of the rich kids/fashionable kids/models/writer/director/etc. her dreams come to life. You see, she has really low self esteem. Geek. No "happening" life. etc. (the "dreams" shows the bad side of each job) She realizes that she don't want to be like them, but just herself. so continues life being herself, the geek of the school!:)
    Pros: omg, i just came up with that, it has to be good. message behind it, "be yourself, girls!"
    Cons: It might be a little too "boring" hard to edit. loads of scenes every where.
  • story of my life? hahaha.
haihs. need more ideas.

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Karen wrote this at.. 1/17/2007 12:50:00 AM

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