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Friday, December 01, 2006
feel like puking

YAC Friday, March 11, 2005

i miss our little meetings at Victor's place! haha.."those were the days"


i curled my hair again today! NONONO, not as in Salon curl-ish. but i just applied gel to make it stay curly today after i mandi in the morning. HAHA. cos it was 10 something already and i was feeling damn semangat! haha. new bag and all! hahaha.

ok. lame.

i found out today that Shu Wei reads here. omg! haha. and she said "a lot of people read your blog" omgx2. i really like to know who reads here besides my regulars *winks*elaine*winks* HAHA.

so come on, comment comment if u're a stranger! (i know i won't get any comment....cos i've done this superdyduper many times, no one replies!)

i was going through my archives. Last year March. i wasn't in college and was lazing around. i had my first bangs haircut! haha. i'm glad i did, cos i can't imagine myself with tied back fringe anymore. HAHA. March was also Force of Nature and when my uncle died(19th). A year later my grandfather died also. a day before (18th)! how weird! i was also all hyped up about the Melie Bianco Bag. i would stilll LOVE to have one now! i wonder if the price turun already or not..hahah.

i came home after lunch with Shu Wei and Micheal and slept. till 645. woke up with a HUGE headche! i have been getting headaches a lot lately!:( maybe i have a bigger illness. :(

my mother bought me the IMU World AIDS Day t-shirt again. I love IMU t-shirts! hehe. its really nice. IMU is definitely a better uni to be in than HELP Uni. HAHA. its true! Wish i wanted to be a doctor! hahah. owh well.

i have 2 doctor friends. dinesh. lavena. dentist and doctor! i have lawyer friend. Jue. i have biotech friends. sidney. ps. superdyduper many psychologists. too many to name! businesspeople friends. wei foong. karenlee. health care friend. wing sun. accountants. amelia. tk. nutritionist. sze may. radio dj. lea. etc.etc.

i wonder who will stay in touch with me next time. so that i can get free treatment/consultations/advice. HAHAHHA. such a freeloader.

Sidney started work today! yay. He had a new kitten/cat pal. few days ago We named him/her Mushu. but the cat did not make it. Died today. Poor Mushu....:( may mushu rest in peace.

hmmm.....i did not study today!:( i'm so procrastinating.

OWH, did i tell you, i finally stepped down as president! muahahhaha. feels so free now. well not really, haven't really transferred everything yet. i'm still worried about the new members and the decision we made during the interviews. omg. i should just leave and not care right? but that won't be nice. haha.

i think i wanna sleep. cos i feel like puking. ugh.

Karen wrote this at.. 12/01/2006 10:27:00 PM

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