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Thursday, September 28, 2006

movies i want to watch:
+ Gridiron gang > the rock's in it and its a prison movie, much like the longest yard
+ Little Miss sunshine > sounds interesting
+ Pirates of the Carribean >Johnny Depp is love.
+ The Devil wears Prada >So much hype, must watch
+ World Trade Center >Sounds so drama, so need to watch
+ John Tucker must die >My current lesbo crush, Sophia Bush is in it. HAHAHAH
+ Click >Adam sandler is the man. and i've never missed any of his comedies!
+ Nacho Libre >i want!
+ cars >i really want!
+ the break up >no comment, but i want to watch too!

i know, i'm quite lame (cars also haven't watch!). hahah. so, if you have any of these, please message me on msn thank you:)

Jes sent me and e-card and gave me my first b'day present on sunday, Thankies Dearie. u the bestest cousin of all times!:)

so anyways, if you have noticed, i sent out some StarJobsOnline thingy. please register!!!:) get a starbucks voucher!!:) hahahhaa. yeah, and if 5 of you register, i get a laptop backpack! and i really really want one!!!:) thankyou.

anyone else, looking for a job? i send you an invite, so we both get sth out of it. hahaha. comment me or email me or msn me!

anyways, Fall starts on the 9th. i made a notice for everyne to see. since everyone keeps asking me. haha.


ok, tk's here. gtg now! byebye

Karen wrote this at.. 9/28/2006 04:25:00 PM

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