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Monday, June 12, 2006
period. ugh.

im at main block....my period cramps is getting worst!:( aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...hurts hurts hurts. i wanna go back. i wanna i wanna!!!!

listening to kids talking about cars like as if they are the ones buying the car.

what car you getting?
Myvi no power wan la. get something else la. like camry.
i'm getting a Camry....gonna test drive it soon.
Camry sucks petrol like mad..

like as if they are paying for it. sheesh.

Sheu called me rich kid today. for eating sandwich from San Fran Coffee. i guess she hasn't seen my friends list on livejournal yet. HAHA. they eat sanfran (chillis, etc..) like every other day. and i only eat like what, once every fortnight when i feel rich just got my allowance. haha. owh well. perceptions.

you think you know me, but you have no idea...

quote from MTV diaries.

i think main block is the best block in HUC. itsjust so comfy here. and they have EVERYTHING here! air cond walkways, car park, computers, nice wireless, nice lighting, basicly everything KPD does not have la! and sitting down here, you can see so many different type of people walking and walking. i wish everyone got earphones tho. then the walkway could be quieter. listening to annoying tamil-ish music is not fun in a nice lighting/ambience place.

i brought koko crunch to munch. i don't think i can do it. my uterus hurts like shit.

people ask me what i do for 6 hours every monday.
2 hours just passed.
and i have 4 more to go.
ACTUALLY, only another 2 hours of agony in waiting. then elaine will be meeitng me. at least some teman.
but from last week's experience, i feel damn tired when i get home. usual la. somemore JAM at 6pm.

im so tired from tahan-ing my pain...being a girl sucks at times like these.

there's a lot of African/Ghana/Kenyan people in HUC suddenly. i uess they went to promote there. everyone reminds me of me good ol CIMP Kenyan/Nigerian friends. BeiBeh, and his brother. shit i forgot his name! Ali, Other ENG4E friend of his.
owh well. won't die if i don't remember his name....unless he messages me on msn, then owh shit, dunno his name! haha.

Maria and ephraim are taking design! i want too!!!!:(


i should study. or at least try to research for my mass comm project.

going to help Guan Lim do his lj stuff. bye

Karen wrote this at.. 6/12/2006 12:27:00 PM

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