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Saturday, June 10, 2006

elaine, the link for internet junkie/net addcition. HAHA.

i was so interested to join this program last sem, but i never got to know when it would start and how to register. i got an email from a person saying anyone can volunteer, so i quickly emailed the person in charge! i really wanna join. i wanna do something useful in my life and change another person's life. i mean, if i want to do extra curricular activities, i'd rather do something important, other than doing mindless things like we do in the council. haha. soapbox? come on, no one gives two shits about what goes around in HELP KPD E.

owh well, i can't wait for the semester to be over. NO MORE BEING PRESIDENT! haha. actually while i'm president, i'm going to try to make major changes in the system. no more being elected by senior members, i want a real council. where there will be real election by a voting system. sounds more fair. and besides, it will be SO MUCH more fun that way. knowing that you were elected president, instead of one person making the decision. pofcourse there will be a downside to this, but such is life. :)

my dad bought two new kitkat flavours thingy. Lemon cheesecake and cappuchino. will try later.  i'm too full. i just indulged in Secret Recipe. i ate sheperd's pie (which sucked) and new york cheese(which was SUPER DUPERLY yummy).  so full. i think i'm getting my period. thats why i have such a big appetite and my breasts hurt. ugh.

going to watch tv now. see ya.

Karen wrote this at.. 6/10/2006 04:54:00 PM

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