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Monday, June 05, 2006
frozen shoulders

i feel sickSick...

i came home at 6pm, lazed around until 7, then i slept till 8.30 Sleeping 4

its asyikin's birthday tmr! and Oliver Chua birthday a few days back!

here are some smiley wishes for you two!:)

Happy Birthday 2

Happy Birthday 7

owh well, im so doomed. my monday's are going to be like today every week and OMG 2 it sucks.

my shoulders/arm still hurt like shit. i dunno why. tmr i'll be going to college earrrlyyy..haha. actually going for breakfast first, then college. i miss my roti sardine. heehee.

tmr'll be my first mass comm class...Sweating 3 must find group members. unless Row+Mel+P still wants another group member. hmmm..i hate finding for group members. sucks. its not that i don't like working in group, but if you had one of my business group member, CAN DIE LOR!!!

i also need to buy books tmr. heavy heavy load to carry tmr.

i like my new HOD. he's such a joker. hehe. Aording to Sidney's lecturer, who was a former lecturer inn ADP at HELP, Mr. Moreton is from Taylor's ADP and Dr. Vanaja is going to Taylors? is it true? owh well, who cares, as long as he's nice. hehe.

i should be researching..but i dunno where to start!:(

i feel sleepy again. sucks.

Karen wrote this at.. 6/05/2006 10:16:00 PM

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