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Sunday, June 04, 2006

joy, joy! internet is BACK!:)

i just realised that i'm an internet junkie. shit. really, no kidding. when the Stremyx was down on Friday, i was just so lost, dunno what to do. i even attempted to ask Sidney to check my mails for me, but i waited till today. i learnt delayed gratification since i was young, (eg: waiting for nice clothes till christmas!, only getting a nice present when i did well for exams..etc). HAHA.

owh well, its proven, i'm an internet junkie. just as Denise and Arina (hers was queen control) found out that they are control freaks!:) so many blogs and lj's to read!

fyi, i was away in ipoh for the weekend! No, it was not a holiday treat, but i was doing charity work for church! see, i do have some nice bone on me.. i'm not all that against charity. (although, i really dowanna donate to the kidney foundation adey, they cheat people!) i was selling raffle draw tickets to Our Mother Of Perpetual Help's parishioners in Ipoh. they were kind people, i think. tho not as kind as St. Ignatious Church! i sold 5 books! thats RM250 worth of money. :D

so happy. Jes improved from 5 books (In St. John) to 7 books at OMPH! i still remained the same, 5 books. haha. NEED TO IMPROVE. one of the aunty sold 30 books!!!!whoaaaaaaaaa...like seriously, she just asked and bugs everyone to buy. We slept in a former Convent called Good Sheperd Convent. it was very basic. liveable, but it was SO DUSTY (i had runny nose the whole night) and it wasn't a very good sleep at all!

on another note:
faerie lala

YES, YES! huge story.

btw, you like my fairies? HAHA. its really cute, no?

CREDIT: to all Deviant Art Brush makers(esp these fairy ones) , you guys ROCK!

i have a huge grudge on ADP! At first they said, Lab A and Lab B for GD class and Lab B WON'T be open until lab A is full, so, people, intelligent people, people with SOME brains, won't sign up or allow people to sign up for lab B until lab A is full. BUT, SOME SMART PEOPLE ALLOWED STUDENTS TO SIGN UP FOR LAB B, and ALMOST ALL 14 STUDENTS SIGNED UP FOR LAB B!!!! Stupid CRAPPY PEOPLE, i tell you! cannot understand simple english!!!

I'm SO mad at the people!

owh well, i am taking Mass Comm now. should be easier. i think....lets juts see how things goes. *prays*

did some graphics.



fairy plants
faerie plants

faerieland at night


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