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Sunday, June 11, 2006
finally, feels like home.

i'm finally blogging/using firefox/msn-ing/surfing/listening to music on MY own favourite laptop. OK, so its not exactly mine, but for the past 1+ year, it has been like my own anyways! my firefox is fully customized. everything looks perfect, and it feels nice too!

boo to the networking problem.

i sleep quite early nowadays. i wonder why.

omg, shit. i smell fire.

HAHAHHAHAHA. i nearly burnt down the kitchen. i was boiling eggs. and i did not realise that 10 minutes was up! and yeah, the egg cracked and it went towards the plastic thingy, and now i smell burnt plastic. ugh. hope my dad does not realise. HAHA. i sprayed air freshener everywhere!:P

went for mass yesterday. i think i need to go for confession. its been so long since i went for one and yeah, sins are accumulating. haha.

it still smells of burnt plastic. :(


ate an egg. hungry la.

i was right yesterday! my period came. im glad this time there wasn't any bad cramps. maybe because it started at night. owh well.

editing photos now. waits.

ADPSC members during clubs and socs day!:)

the amount of food we ate at ipoh. HEHE.

alright, going to eat more sinful food. HAHA. byebye.

Karen wrote this at.. 6/11/2006 01:27:00 PM

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