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Saturday, June 17, 2006

colourful organizer

***NEW PHOTO!***

got this from _ena_ at lj.

i, like, always, like, say like, you know, like, totally!:)

totally bimbo!:)

i just watched Paris Hilton's video, Stars are blind. I think its not bad!:) altho, i envisioned the video to be more fun-loving, instead of strutting her stuff on the beach. I mean, the song itself is so happy-go-lucky sounding (music only la!)

read title-90s..

since Sophia wrote about 90's songs/themed party....it got me thinking, w can actually say 90's and it really meant so far behind time.

i know you don't get what i just said...how do i explain it. its like, you know, we used to say, it was the 80's, and it really meant long ago. now that we are 6 years ahead of the 90's, 90's really was long ago.

alright, i shall stop explaining it. no one's going to understand anyways!:)

but the 90's rocked. especially late 90's...when i was turning puberty and music was my life time. i loved all sorts of pop music. from Spice Girls to BSB, 911, till i stopped at Blue. HAHA. i was mad fans of so many boy bands. lets face it, 90's were a boyband-filled decade. haha.

Last time i used to buy NOW That's what i call music CD's, record RIM Chart shows and collect posters.

Now, i still listen to my NOW CD's, see Sarimah (once a host in RIM Chart Show, i think?) in college and threw away all my posters!

haha. but yea, one thing about Sarimah i noticed...She really stands out in a crowd. Maybe because i labelled her as "celebrity" adey, thats why she stands out...but really, maybe because she's like fair-skinned, has blond-ish hair and always wears some make up? haha. owh well.

guess what, its June. next month is July. and soon, it will be August 1st. Lavena's leaving soon. it's not fair!! i want her to stayyyyyyyy...she's nice to hang around with you know...and tk ofcourse!:) Three of us together, can laugh like mad.. hehe. i really really like their company...hope TK does not get a far-far-away uni too. if not, haih.

i helped my mum clean up the fridge today, and boy, we have got SO many things living in the fridge. HAHAHAHA. like moulded cream-cheese, some gross-dont-even-wanna-open-it tupperware and many many expired thingys that probably has some gross things living in there too. HAHA.

Jesus Caritas Feast Day today. Come one, come all, and celebrate with us....:) also buy a book of raffle draw tickets!:) we're building a new church. Or at least extending it. for more info, click here.

1 ticket is RM5. 1 book is RM50. Buy buy from me, can win cars!:)

haha. ok, community service for church ended.

i think i wanna watch Full House now.

NONO, not the Korean Full House, but the 1980's Full House! with the very cute John Stamos and Mary Kate and Ashley as a baby!:)

see ya!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 6/17/2006 05:00:00 PM

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