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Thursday, June 15, 2006
happy birthday!

if you have not read the happy post below, please read!:)

anyways, today was so-so. i managed to read some journals in the morning. i SO KNOW i'm going to so screw up my RM. haih. until now we have not discussed anything. i blame it on me. for not taking the initiative earlier. but no fret, we still have a 3 more weeks...

i'm still pissed about something that only selected people know and those who read my lj. not.saying.it.here.

i miss CIMP. i miss gracie foo. its her birthday today!!!!:)

May you have the bestest 20th in adelaide! Miss you so mucccchhhhh...


and a sparkly birthday wish too..

big hugs and kisses from malaysia!

and wingsun+karenlee+daniel+our makan times. HAHA. miss miss them loads. you girls loads... i still can smell the 8am air at sunway. HAHA, im serious. and breakfast at 655am with gracie. we aways ordered french toast and hotdogs with coffee....:D i loved the times we had at sunway. but there can be only one year 2004. if i go back there now, it won't be the same anymore...obviously!

haih. must study... test worth 10% tmr. on last semester's material. i'd better go bury my head on notes


some girl just called me regarding print ads. i think Grace gave her my number and Sheryl's number. she was blabbling so much about how she got my number, and i can't understand her at all.  she said i was spotted in KLCC and was wanted fro some print ad? i clearly remember giving Grace my number and yea, i wasn't spotted. i think she's lying. HAHA.

so anyway...she wants me to go see her tmr.  i have a freaking test to study for. i think print ads can wait...or maybe i can go. :/ i really don't know.

but im like SO  FAT and UGLY! who would want me for any ad?

owh well. we'll see. she wants me and Sheryl to go together. i accidently deleted sheryl's number form my phone adey. and i cannot call her. yikes. thats why, never clean up your phone book....

owh well.
need to study now.

Karen wrote this at.. 6/15/2006 08:10:00 PM

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