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Monday, March 13, 2006
my grandfather

Mr. Vellakane Francis

May he rest in peace with God.

the funeral's tomorrow at Christ The Light Church, 2.30 and burial at the Cheras Christian Cemetery. i'm going to miss him!

i'm skipping school tmr. yay. no long 6 hours of class.

funeral= reunion. its the only time where ALL of my cousins sit down and chat and joke around :) its nice catching up with them again. see how grown up they've become. and how im still the same while everyone else has "grown up" haha.

brandon has a vietnamese girlfriend
raymond broke up with his already fiance girlfriend. (he had her name tatooed on his arms, like whoa!!!)
melinder, well, din talk to her much, she has slimmed down!
natasha has more piercings and still a football freak.
rachel, is well, being a mum:)
jesrina, haha. i see her all the time
jerome too.
jasmine is very a teenager now. talking about movies and music.
eddie boy, is 16 now. such a big boy.
and ofcourse, Rapheal, our smallest cousin. is as cute as ever!

did i miss anyone? owh, my brother and i. hehe.

my cousins :)


i went out for a short lunch with bbds. twas fun!:) hehe.

went out with him yesterday too. bought another long purse from Maggie T and watched Final Destination 3. it was gruesome, i tell you! MUST WATCH! hung out at JuiceWorks on the couch. i've always wanted to sit on that couch, i finally did :) haha. had Mango Smoothie. yums.

thats all folks! i'd better sleep. tmr's going to be a longgg day!

Karen wrote this at.. 3/13/2006 12:34:00 AM

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