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Friday, March 10, 2006
relax la bradderr..

made another layout for KarenLee.

yay! all graphics are by miss KarenLee herself!:) hehe. im not the drawing type. only photoshop type. the only "drawing" i did was...

when i did my life without colours layout. HAHA

it looks so ameteur. well, it is. i was not as good as i am now with photoshop. i definitely had more creative juices then. now im just a blank sheet of brain. hehe.

i was looking at the honors list at CFP. my name was not there. so sad. i must make the list this sem. i must retain my gpa of 3.5 and get that freaking scholarship!:) at least it would lessen my dad's burden. hehe. i know i am so a burden. but then again, they don't need to pay for my brother anymore. im their only child, financially. hehe.

owh well,i am really like the only child now. i do everything at home including fold and hang clothes and wash plates all alone. i get scolding alone. i watch tv alone. basically like an only child la.

i wonder how do you only child people live at home. so lonely. i guess they're used to it already. im not. i miss having a brother around. owh well, must. be. strong. :) and grow up! haha

dum de dum de dum.

ADPSC meeting today was so-so. many did not come. i wonder why.

we are NOT going to have the Amazing race this sem. maybe next sem!:) *not enough sponsors laaaa*

but this semester, we are going to have the
super duper APRIL FOOL's SLEEPOVER!!!!!

hahahahha, yes, you saw right. :)

its a sleepover! well, its not approved by the HOD yet, but we are so planning on it. :)

today was so relaxing. i woke up kinda late. watched Fashion Avenue on channel 11.
went to ADPSC meeting.

Elaine gave me a hug!*awwww* thanx..:) really appreciate it. and also to those who gave me words of advice/encouragement....Lea, Amelia, Hazel, you guys rock!:) and for those who asked me how i was...on msn. Samantha who saw my "emo" nickname and asked me if i was ok. :) lovely people, my friends:) ofcoz, who can forget my bbds, Sidney. who sayang-ed me extra a lot these past few days (love, bgds!)

anyhoooo...TK and Lav!!! when's our next lunch!!! you so busy is it? har har har??

Guan Lim, please call me when u have arrived. we'll plan something ok! this time, call me, so that i will make it for lunch/movies k? and bring along my HK present!:) hahaha *only if u did get me sth. :)

enough ot shout outs....back to life story.

seriously, i don't want to be president after Aaron leaves. because, i have many many more semesters here, and Justin should be leaving after year 2. so i shall suggest to Aaron that i shall remain vice, and let Justin be President. *not like he's going to pick me larr...but still, among us two, i think Justin should become the next President. not me. i am in no position to be a leader, now at least, i don't know ADP well enough.

i wanted to apply to be an intern for KLUE. then i realised i don't think i can do it.and the dateline is over. haha. but there was not a deadline. but then again, justin went for the interview adey. sheesh. i so need work experience. if not i can just throw acid down my throat right?

so yeah, after ADPSC meeting. i came back. lepaked. went online. finished KarenLee's layout. took a bath. uzapped while reading the ending of Angela's Ashes!:)

i'm done with one book this year. hehe. i am going to start with the shopaholic series!:) heehee. finally. ok, i know i am slow. thats because i finally found a friend who has the book!(elaine!!) hehe. my mum x buy expansive books, so i only read when its available!:)

i can't wait! i've heard so much about it. hehe.

i wanna go shopping tmr! but my mum and dad's going to Kuantan. but i have the car with me...nyeh,nyeh,nyeh...two days of pure freedom!:) hehe. well, i hope so!:)

i need to catch up on assignments and studying....:) if no one wants to teman me out. i think my bbds should be free. hehehe.

i think there's a nice movie on Star Movies. i shall go and watch! i declare today as a RELAXLAAAAA day!:)

so stop what you're doing and relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!:)

see ya!

Karen wrote this at.. 3/10/2006 08:52:00 PM

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