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Monday, March 06, 2006
my final product.

i realised i never posted my design work online. heehee.

so here goes...

a million billion thanx to the pretty photos/images of aftermidnight__, Kevin Lam, Karen Lee and ofcoz lyyyl. (DUH, myself la!), google, deviant art, smkb website.

ALL design by lyyyl. (cheh...so proud! hehehhehe...)

AA102 Spring 2006.

My old school's magazine cover. 2003. shows how old i am now. ugh.


My first front cover design...

FINAL front cover 1

then i found this image and made a classier one. well, at least i think so!:)

FINAL front cover 3

then, i learnt how to use brushes...so i made a pearl-ey one! HAHA

FINAL front cover 4

on to my assignment thats due tmr!:)

content page for my new and improved school mag.


Sports section. OK, i know public school must wear uniform, but in my imaginary school, we don't wear uniform and we are all from CIMP. HAHA. thats the most Digital photos i can find k! even google dun have any malaysian uniform digital pictures!:)


Photography page.


SPM results, notice how everyone of me kawan got so many A1s..HAHA


the final coloured pages. click on it!:)


thats about it, COMMENT ON IT!:) i know there must be something seriously ugly in these pages!:)

Karen wrote this at.. 3/06/2006 12:32:00 AM

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