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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
cooollddd... grrrr..

i forgot whats the url for msn web messenger...

hurrm...ok found! no one interesting online.

i have the same problem when i was here last time. i wanna peee!!! but no one to take care of my stuff...Shawn is here. maybe i can ask him..:(

today's Ash Wedbesday. i was supposed to be fasting/be vegan. but i ate chicken sandwich! :O hahaa. i really did not know it was ash wednesday until Rowena told me in class.

i had a massive quiz today! luckily i studied like mad yesterday and today. our group was got 41/45. heehee.
thats probably 8/9 marks after convertion. it was me and Melissa who were answering all the questions!hummph. but its all good, i get to learn more. owh, i bought a photostated copy of Intro To Research Methods book. heehee. more reading to do.

i need to SO finish up my design today. but i promised sidney to meet him and tonight got mass. how now???

i only did 2 pages. sheesh. and Maria's design was so nice!!! i feel so intimidated now. not only my design sucks, i only did 2 out of 7 pages! DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE!

owh, its 110pm. should i leave now? maybe i should go pee first then leave. i takut my barang hilang. owh well, have to take a risk!

see ya people! until the next time i got something to write!

Karen wrote this at.. 3/01/2006 01:02:00 PM

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