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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
And now I’m ready to be extraordinary

I am inspired!:)


shall not go there.

anyways. today was super fun cos Elaine came!! Elaine came to college :)

i wrote a long whiny post about my sociology class....

and it is...deleted. stupid fingers dunno how to type..

laalaalaa. owh well.

A while ago. I tried to make a 2 tiered cake....hahaha. i used the cake mix from a box. so the taste of the cake, is not mine la k? hahaha. its from betty crocker and pillsbury.

awesome cake

Its pretty no?

say yes la!! lol. my first attempt okay!! hahaha. it is pretty easy to assemble the cake. the hard part is of course the butter cream icing to smooth it.

guess how i learnt how to assemble the cake? you tube! lol.

I was pressing for time when i made this cake. Thats why it looks very like unfinished. but owh well i loved it:)

I wanna make a whimsical cake with brighter colours!:) i cannot wait for my free time and someone's birthday! I also need a kickass chocolate cake recipe.


I fell in love with Brooke's dress in One Tree hill. omg. So pretty!It is a Phillip lim and it can be found here. Only 500+ Pounds! lol. Wish i had full access to Daddy's credit card and of course a rich daddy. lol.


Brooke, being a fashion designer in season 5, has awesome clothes!!! I wanna buy more shorts and shirts like that!!!(and be a size 2)

like that's gonna happen.

anyways. I lost 1kg!!!! omg omg omg! celebrate by eating more!!!!


need to loose more weight. Stephanie said, she is interested to join gym!:) yeayyyyy! more gym buddies:)

ok. shall stop now. buhhbyeee!

Karen wrote this at.. 1/15/2008 06:54:00 PM

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