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Thursday, January 10, 2008

So school started. I'm officially taking 5 freaking subjects. yeay for me!

abnormal with rach!yeay!
chemistry with stephanie!yeay!
computers...with freshies. lol.

i hope there's no experiments for counselling class. if not can die trying to find good group mates. haihs. cos all fwens are gone.

anyways. no more depressing on how alone i'll be in college.lol.

i need a mp3 player for the alone times. you know. listen to music and be anti social kind. HAHAHAHA. actually, i really need one. mine's been taken away. boohoo.

so...i shall search high and low for a nice cheap one. no no, i'm not getting ipod. Besides, i have the synchronizing with itunes shit. so annoying.

here's what i've found..

Brand New Creative Zen Vision:M Portable Media Player 30GB Retail Box with 1 year Creative warranty

RM679 on lelong.

Microsoft Zune 30 GB Digital Media Player MP3/MP4 Player

RM539 on lelong...

so mahal..or i could just buy the "ipod nano-like mp4 player" for RM50 that would probably spoil in 3 hours time.


owh well. Tmr's the registering day...means must stay by laptop to go online...and click register..

*selama lama nyaaa....kau tahu ku mencintaimu.......* yes i am still listening to Sheila Majid.

today i was supposed to go to Sunway Lagoon. but....as ffk-ed. I knew it would happen.

owh well.

I shall go with Wei Foong and Tk and louanne soon. lol.

I miss sunway lagoon. water. rides. fun.

owwwwhh, btw, i am going for switchfoot's concert. yeay!Altho....i only know "dare you to move" lols.

must listen to them now.

ok i must make myself sleep. Tmr got scary counseling class...damn freaked out. Pray that someone i know...is in that class. so that i don't be a loner. omg,omg!

ok bye bye now.

Karen wrote this at.. 1/10/2008 11:19:00 PM

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