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Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Lovely Song

Cinta Kita by Sheila Majid. Such a lovely song. I've always loved Sheila Majid's songs. So nice to listen to.

I wana update like how i used to!:) so here goes..

today i bummed. like literally. hahaha. I was also working on emmagem.com's traffic. and omg, today(i mean yesterday) it hit a whopping.....

wait for it....

wait for it...


Four freaking hundred. omgness! First time ever. lalalala. Thanks to ME!!! and also thanks to all the shop blogs that linked to us!:) Thank you so much!!! Let's bring online shopping to the next level, yo!

Now i need to maintain this hit rate. So that we can start selling ad space and premium listings. Need more traffic!:)

Louanne's making me read P.S. I love you. by Cecelia Ahern. I'm on chapter 8 now. and i must say, it is a good read:)

Been going out with Louanne and tk and Wei Foong a lot lately...feels gooodddd..just to bum around. College starts soon. la la la dee dahh.

This time around im pushing myself to take 5 subjects. candie.com. but rather die now with Rachael taking Abnormal with me now than on my last semester! hahaha.

Christmas was alright. New year's was alright. listening to this song while blogging makes me write "life's beeen gooooooooodddddddd........."


really. such a feel good music. omg. i wanna buy sheila majid's greatest hits album. or her latest album. I'm a converted Sheila Majid fan now. hahaha.

btw, if you haven't seen it yet. Look at my baby: http://www.emmagem.com/shopping-directory


okays dah 122am. aahahahahha

need to sleeeeeppp.

Karen wrote this at.. 1/08/2008 12:44:00 AM

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