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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I owe this blog an update. Or more like, omg, it has been a month, where have i been??

For starters, I've been baking. Loads and loads of cupcakes. I've stopped baking cupcakes and now am in the midst of trying to fondant a cake. A whole cake. Probably 2 tiers. lol. See if it works. lol.

I'm waiting for my cakes to finish baking. lol.

Anyways, it is time for that customary year-end post.

This year has been fun. I mean, it has been a bit upsetting as most of my friends will be leaving college soon. Graduating. and I am still there studying. Doing my year one papers. lol. I will be the old fart in college.

but, leave that for next year.

Last year.



Not to say that it was whoaaa..damn nice can die type. but ok.

Major Achievement: Cupcakes.
Major Buy of the year: RM1399 Kenwood Mixer



BoyzIIMen at Genting with Xue
First ever trip alone with like a 2 other friends, Singapore with Elaine and Sher
Omg, chicken Pox!
Met the TARA 1's teams
Shot a Movie with my movies gang!

Went for amazingly Fearless Race. lol. It was tiring and it gave me a black toe.

Started going to Fitness First. until now never loose any weight. boohoo.
started loving class
Went Clubbing for the first time. lol. and also in Singapore.
Ate at nirwana's a million times

Ads on my blog. Started last year.
Started going for media parties/fashion shows
Good Charlotte Concert
Started Internship at Career Sense :)

Took over everything on Emmagem.
wedding issue mag cover BIGGER copy22
Met 6 wonderful people at work

Went to Kuala Selangor for the first time. lol.
Went to Manila

Skipped one week of class, can you believe it? omgomg!
Got another job. but stopped in november. lol.
Birthday party!!
My first ever prom. Which i did not blog about. lol.
Started Cupcakesrock.com and baked till i died in december.



I'm glad to have met all my new found friends.
+Everyday of the week, esp Stephanie, she's such a sweetheart!:)
+My tutor-friends-gang!:) They are a nice bunch to hang out with.

I'm glad to have strengthen my relationships with Sidney, Elaine, Tk this year.

Happy 2008 people.

and no, i don't want to make any resolutions. lol.

But i do want to make kickass fondant cakes by the end of this year, finish my degree and work for emmagem less. and owh, make more cupcake money. lol. I want to concentrate on other things in life than emmagem all the time. Cannot tahan all the shop business. I love the writing/creative part, but the shop has made me so tired of working omg.

ok end rant.

need to sleep. tmr must do fondant. lol.

Karen wrote this at.. 1/01/2008 12:19:00 AM

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