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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I have been having some sort of chest pain lately. So weird. I feel like i may get a heart attack anytime. Not like i know how a heart attack feels like, anyway.

I've been feeling kinda overwhelmed with so much things lately. I get so many people pressuring me to do things, errands to run, things to do, that i hardly can keep up with my own life anymore.

i feel like i can break down any time and just screw everything that i have been working for and just take off.

break from my life. i need that.

but i can't you see.

online magazine to manage, blog to be updated three times a week, plus other content jobs, trying to get my gpa maintained, being a friend, being a kickass gf, being a daughter, being a tv-series junkie.

its just too much for my 21 year old body to maintain.

omg. so emo.

i just had a little ldr fight. hence the emoness.

i just feel like i have no one to be like "whatever" with you know. like just be whatever. I used to have that but now that person is "working" and always tired from work. I mean, i understand. but what i don't get is the idea that i have lost that person to be "whatever" with.

now i have to work hard to keep that relationship alive. On the way, i get so fed up that i just want back those moments where it was "whateva" and be free from everything thats been building up in my life so far.

This is so cliche, but i want to be a kid again.

Actually, i wish lavena was around! She always has something to do, mamak to makan, which makes me forget about life for a moment. Lav and Tk and elaine too, helped me through my last emo breakdown. not like i have an emo breakdown now as bad as the one before.

Anyone wanna go to Sunway Lagoon with me? haha.

ok /end emo before it gets too complicated for the world.


Karen wrote this at.. 10/27/2007 12:10:00 AM

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