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Sunday, October 14, 2007
Manila Post

I don't remember posting about Manila.

Here goes.

In case you forgot, i went to Manila on the 3rd-7th September 2007.

One thing that i MISS SO MUCH is their MANGO JUICE! omg, best giler.

This was the best one of all. Can drink the whole jug. If only it wasn't 200 Pesos.

And their fast food. omg. can die. yummylicious goodness.

Jolibee's Cheese fries with Nachos. yums.

Wendy's Chilli con carne with baked potatoes with cheese. yumssssss..

Chow King's sweet and sour pork with rice.

Chow king's spicy chow fan with kangkung

David's fried rice with pineapple.

David's wantonmee

This is David's tea house at ChinaTown

Our first meal which sucked..and that's (er, forgot his name.jason?alex?) who is one of my church member's nephew who took us from airport to our hotel.

yes, we had starbucks there. HAHAHA

One of the days, we went to Tagatay. This place where its a hill. We were supposed to go see the volcanos..but it was too expensive.

Owh, thats a jeepney!:)

We even saw Jesus up on the hill. HAHA. much like the one in Rio De jeneiro?

As we were going on the way to Pagsanjan Falls, there were these people in motorbikes trailing along, knocking our car window asking us to follow them and sit on their boats. omg!so scary.

The tourism ministry said to not fall for them. and go to the proper place.

They were asking us to take their boats instead.
In the end, we did not go also. Cos only my dad and i wanted to go. boohoo.

Me in the toilet. must take pic.

Next day was spent in CAR and in this villa in San Pablo City, Quezon.

we had lunch at the waterfalls.

food...which was quite gross.

waterfall backdrop

water on feet.

Bull ride. HAHA

we went rafting on bamboo. freaky, but quite stable. haha.

Someone's house in the villa. I bet this family owns this place.

LAST full day. was spent at the city.

This was at Intromuros. Where Jose Rizal stayed and died in his cell.
Jose was Phillipines' Hero!:)

The fort. At the back, is Manila Hotel. the first hotel in Manila.

The guy in the middle is our tour guide. Georgie Porgie as he wants to be called. According to people, he's the best tour guide in Manila. HAHA

We went around Manila City/Chinatown..saw a lot of squater areas with ALOT of poor people.

Now, thank God that you have a house!!!!!and food and clothes and cars.
Dun hesitate, because, you will always be better off than them if you're viewing this post from your computer!

in the place i was living, we walked to the food area at night as we don't wanna hire cabs(so mahal). We walked past people living in the streets. :(
super sad okay. They were just sleeping in the longkangs, near the playground, behind bushes, etc. They were everywhere.

Robinsons, where we went to quite a lot..

I would say, this is like the Sg Wang of manila. haha. cheap clothes.

SM Mall of Asia. The biggest Mall in Asia or something like that..

and we headed home the next day..

It was an eye opening experience la. seeing homeless people like that, upclose. like whoaaa..

but, it was not a nice holiday as we spent most of our money and time on transportation. The roads are BAD and traffic is BAD, omg. people just drive here and there just like they own the roads. Jeepneys, tricycles, cars, bicycles. Everywhere!!

Its not like a Tioman or Redang holiday where you just sit back and relax. haha.

but it was fun. I love hearing people speak Tagalog and they way phillipinos speak english is just so hot!:)


owh owh, and phillipines TV, is NICE omg. 2nd Avenue is the bomb. I want 2nd Avenue on ASTRO!!!! I missed watching Hogan knows best!
They also have this channel where they broadcast mass (and other related church stuff) on tv. My mother was so excited, i think she was secretly watching it all the time.
what else...

churches galore in Phillipines. I've seen SO MANY christian denominations. Jehovah's Witnesses, seventh Day adventist. like whoa. you can't see that in malaysia man...And the churches there are like SUPER BIG & PRETTY!!!! very nicely done.

nothing else i can think of now...hahaha

ok bye.

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