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Thursday, October 04, 2007
my 21st

okay, so after a gazillion years of not having a birthday party, i finally did on my 21st!:)


so it was in my house....-_-" yes, no fancy club or tents. hahaha. just plain ol house. Which had about 50 people. You can just imagine, SO many people.

We ate, talked, had cake and drank vodka. YES, in my HOUSE, i drank with consent of my parents. HAHAHA

never thought my mum would give in me drinking. Maybe its part of the "key". I mean, its not like i havent drank before, just without her consent.

so anyways, i got "sleepy" and fell asleep even before i could say good bye to my friends and family who came.

I was "down" by 12am.

Blame it on the people who made me drink man..hahaha

the next day, i woke up.................in my puke. EIUW, GROSS. bleakk. damn.

it was damn gross k? not only that, the whole of sunday, i had major hangover. can die i tell you.and my room was so smelly. can you imagine the smell of half processed food (i had like rice with curry chicken, mutton, vege plus cheesecake plus chocolate cake and vodka...super gross)

grossness+hangover=not going to touch vodka ever again.

and yes, elaine finally got to know what kind of drunk i am...the sleepy drunk. sleepy and pukey drunk, i must add.

it was fun, but sadly, i did not call the whole world of my friends. I'm so sorry. I wanted my family to come too(for obvious reasons....MONEYYY muahhaha),so calling too many people will just make my parent's pocket burn.

and yes, my relatives and friends gave me a whole lotta presents and money. I love them ALL(yes stephanie, including present from you). Thanks everyoneeeee...

Wish Granted....:)
i also got necklaces/chains/earrings...body shop stuff...chocolates..and a cupcake recipe book.


Crowded room. Jet, Sue, Elaine, Me, Manda,Laily, Xue Zhen, Steph and Nick

Makan table. Laily, Nick, Xue Zhen, Steph, Jet, Me, Elaine, Sue and Manda

My lovely pretty girls, Bryna, Ally, Shermaine and shoot, i forgot the baby's name....Allysa i think.

Laily, me, Elaine

My brother's entourage. Pughan, Mira, Bro, Christina, Fay and Jaya

My mum's side of the fam. Bryan, 4th uncle, 4th auntie, me, cousin.

My presentsssssss.........




Ok, question....should i have a haircut?

short like this...


Karen wrote this at.. 10/04/2007 10:57:00 PM

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