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Friday, June 29, 2007

side bar newest edition...

listen to Mia Palencia's Sayang and Qings and Kueens's Life and Times!

support local music:)

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Karen wrote this at.. 6/29/2007 11:11:00 PM

Friday, June 22, 2007

im sick and broke.


Karen wrote this at.. 6/22/2007 09:29:00 PM

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Singapore :)

i havent blogged in ages! omg

Ok, time for pikchahs...
Christin's 21st birthday
McDees Subang Jaya
Wednesday last, last week.

Top:Elaine and Christin
Bottom: ME, Sher and her bf, Henn Wei


Singapore Trip.
8-10 June 2007

Elaine and I in Mid Valley's Boulevard Hotel's Toilet!:)
I super love this picture. the colour, background, yums!

While waiting for our DELAYED airebus!
It was delayed an hour okay. like Air Asia only..

Finally, it arrived...

Ok, so it wasn't THAT nice! so much for paying so much money to get on a bus with BAD first class service.

We sat in the back-est row with the most space to recline our chairs. hahaha.

Sher on the other side. She was all ready to sleep in the bus. hehe.

Our Dorm, the InnCrowd Hotel..
It was at Little India, so everywhere you walk pass, got like indians everywhere. HAHA.
You have to press the security number thingy to enter, how cool is that.

This dorm is their second place where they only have like beds here. All the other activities are in the main dorm place.

Just as advertised. The dorms. They were OK la. I mean we have ALWAYS been sleeping in pretty hotels with Room Service. and this was a HUGE culture shock to us. hehe.

And yes, the men slept in their undies only.


But they were friendly people. Backpackers from UK, Netherlands, Australia, USA, Japan, Korea...etc.

The guy bunking below me was from Japan. He was always alone, with his laptop typing away.

So the first day was spent being super shocked that we're going to stay in a backpackers hotel. We were like super fast getting ready to go out. HAHA.

So yeah, we went to visit Sher's Uncle's house at Tanah Merah. WHOA.
his house is SUPER NICE.

then later we went to Ministry of Sound.



miss elaine hasn't given me the pictures yet. Or at least msn is not synchronizing...


Came back at about 3am.
Slept. Woke up.


Made Breakfast at the main dorm place.

Out to SHOP!:)
*actually, so much for shopping, we hardly did any shopping, besides buying stupid things and gifts. *

Camwhoring on the way...love the picture. So bright and happy.

Sher, Elaine and Karen...

The little orange signboard is the Main Dorm for InnCrowd.

Stopped by 7-11 to look see look see.

The road to the main road to catch a bus.

Mosque at Little India.

Walking walking...omg, see the gemukness..

Reached Orchard!:)

First buy, Sunnies!:) from Forever 21.

Customary Poser picture.

After walking a while..We camwhored and sent Sher off to meet her uncle.
She was finding for a place to stay at Singapore.

Ok, then my camera died.



miss elaine hasn't given me the pictures yet. Or at least msn is not synchronizing...

We had MOS burger. YUMS!
MOS Burger should open one in KL man...people here would SO love it.
People at MOS Burger, if you ever some acrosss my blog, please open one in KL?

Wasted money at Watsons...
had Bubble Tea, Tako Tao, camwhored more at Orchard Road and Visited Tiong Baru Plaza to get PedalWorks shoes!:)

Went to Zouk at night.


Came back home earlier than the day before but tipsier than the day before.

Day 3

Breakfast making..Elaine did the eggs, i toasted breads, Sher washed plates.

While waiting for our Taxi to get us to Scotts Road.


anyways, Our Bus arrived on time.

We paid an extra RM5 for the bottom Private room. It was spacious and BIG and only the three of us. So we made all the noise in the world. and had cake.

Reached KL at about 7pm.

I had to take KTM to Kepong.

omg, i forgot how smelly KTM was! hahahha.
It was raining CATS AND DOGS okay...


Karen wrote this at.. 6/19/2007 08:31:00 AM

Thursday, June 14, 2007
Carnival at HELP

cupcakes yums.jpg

You missed the cupcakes!:)

we sold them for RM1 (FOR ONE PIECE)

cut throat like mad....but many loved them
love to see their faces when they are choosing.
many did not believe i made them. HAHAHAH

ok byebye

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Karen wrote this at.. 6/14/2007 10:35:00 PM

uncle jesse!

Your 80s Hunk Is

John Stamos
Who's Your 80s Hunk?

Karen wrote this at.. 6/14/2007 06:03:00 PM

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
eloping with elaine and sher.

Singapore was awesome:)

clubbing is fun
(the adrenaline rush and dressing down(read:little clothes and people don't bother) and of course, people watching, owh and MOS was super fun!).

dancing is not fun
(cos i just don't get the point of dancing, and oh, i suck at it.)

drinking is erm, very tiresome?
(i got tired after a few drinks.)

shopping was so random
(cos i bought so many random stuff)

food at Taka was so inviting
(We wanted to eat everything i tell you!)

backpacking hostels rocks my socks
(tell you story later)

Pedalworks is LOVE
(i bought a cute pumps and a comfy-est sandals)

traveling with friends is so much fun!:)

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Karen wrote this at.. 6/12/2007 12:47:00 AM

Thursday, June 07, 2007
Singapore :)

ALL set!

see you in 3 days! :) :)

*except im not ready for mid terms, and im not packed yet*

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Karen wrote this at.. 6/07/2007 11:40:00 PM

Tuesday, June 05, 2007
My new hobby: Colouring!

Colouring books are fun. Ever since i started with my Cow picture...I am hooked on colouring.

Check out my artwork:

Update on Singapore trip:
Hostel/Dorm/Room booked,no reply yet.
Bus got problem....cos most of it are like fully booked!


That's what you get for planning at the last minute!:) heeehee

Hope Elaine sorts things out tomorrow. As for me, i have to study.

See ya!

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Karen wrote this at.. 6/05/2007 08:45:00 PM

Mixed Feelings!


I'll be heading down to Singapore this weekend. (er, still not 100% confirm yet...but we really want to go.)

For my FIRST ever backpacking (sorta) holiday!:)


We'll be staying at the Inn Crowd Hotel. Well, we hope they still have some beds left for us...as we still haven't booked yet.

Here are some pictures:

Not bad...

Anyone else knows of anyone who has a house we can stay in in Singapore? or a cheap clean aircond budget hotel?


sorry la...we're there for the Great Singapore Sale. Must spend minimally on accomodation!

owh well. I hope things goes well. We might be taking Aeroline too. HAHA.

I have tons of things to do next week!And i'm going on a holiday. Maybe i shall bring some notes to read in the bus. DIENESS. Maybe we can postpone the trip....haha. but owh well.
Just have to juggle everything. must bake cupcakes AND do mu assignment. Which i haven't started yet.

Maybe i should not go for the trip?

i don't know. I so wanna go. but i feel like if i go, i will kill myself next week and i will hand in a crappy assignment. how now brown cow?


life sucks!

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Karen wrote this at.. 6/05/2007 08:25:00 AM

Sunday, June 03, 2007
Warehouse Sale LOVE!

For the first time in my life, i bought 14 singlets, 2 sweaters and 1 tube (parent's 4 spag tops and 3 pants) on ONE Weekend.

and the best part?

ALL for all under RM100!:)

lookie here:
giordano sale whoaa

YES! you saw right..

We counted the normal price and the price we paid...

Total : RM1012
Sale : RM155
Saved : RM857


One T shirt was RM5. Some were RM10. Pants were RM10.

I'm a happy camper!:)

So many singlets/racerbacks/gym singlets to wear.

Sarah, my former collegemate, too was there. and she loved the sale too!:) heehee. Yes, Sarah, i went again on Sunday. HAHA.

OK, gtg makan now...

emo me
i love my poser emo picture! hahaha.

my new brushes..its so pretty...



Karen wrote this at.. 6/03/2007 02:37:00 PM

new layout by lyyyl

new layout by lyyyl
click on the picture
its been a while! :)

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Karen wrote this at.. 6/03/2007 02:48:00 AM


i've got ADS :)

please click k? its not like, im forcing you to...but, quite nice what the promotion...MPH discounts!:)


please also, do my poll. It is a different one now...so, please do it again, as i need your demographics. HAHA...

alrights now. off to do Elaine's blog layout, she wants ads on her blog too. hehe. bye

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Karen wrote this at.. 6/03/2007 12:05:00 AM

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