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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
cows can't dance

Coloured Cow Fun

I coloured this cow using photoshop!:) super cute!!hahaha. downloaded this children's colouring thingy and painted it with photoshop.


I wanna colour more drawings!:) heehee

anyways, i've been seeing cow prints very much lately...thanks to my presentation on Sacred Cow Hunts. (google it)

My presentation is on Friday.

Wish me luck!:

anyways, on tuesday, Elaine and I went to gym, happily waiting for Alvin's Body Attack Class....suddenly, the board changed to Ken!

jeng jeng jeng!

we were reluctant to go.....just when we're getting used to Alvin's class, they HAD to change instructor la! (also we were feeling damn lazy la, usual!) hahaha. We went in the end. It was OK!Different, but similar. After class, Ken came to us and asked us if we were ok in the class. HAHAHA. He obviously noticed our uncoordinated-ness and flaws during the class. hahaha.


you'll laugh when you see me in body jam class.

Don't even wanna think about the people looking at me when i'm dancing last time when i was out in parties. omg.

can't believe i used to dance in front of THE WHOLE SCHOOL last time.


i just finished my presentation slides. need to practice presenting tomorrow...

morning class tmr. ugh.

have to type invoice now. byebye.

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Karen wrote this at.. 5/30/2007 11:57:00 PM

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