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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

my super stress week is going to end. NOT!

i have tons more to do. OH EM GEE to the max man. no rest for me at all. well except on friday and saturday. i'll be missing 2 replacement classes in those 2 days! sucks.

i'm currently researching for my article. i'm so last minute man. the thing is, i had so many ideas on what to write, but they all seem so not feasible. then i finally found an interesting article to write as i have many things to say about it. i asked some people on my msn. and they gave me great insights. i hope i can put it into an interesting article. omg. really testing my writing skills man this fortnight's article.

owh wells. i need my money. so i have to work for it. HAHA....i love my job!:) altho it gives me a lot of stress.

owh, i've had my tutorials on tuesday!:) it was fun, not as bad as i thought it would be. I also recieved 3 stacks of Quizzes to mark. OMG. one of it is a bit harder to mark. i think i shall leave it to other more experienced tutors to mark. i don't want to make a big boo boo.




Monday got AN101 quiz. and this class is the one class i've not been paying attention at all. except the last lecture when i actually took down notes. HAHA. 4 blardee chapters some more. candie.com.

Friday my autobiography is due. DIEDIEDIE. i should start now..

so far thats all for next week. lets pray that there won't be anymore assignments due!

ok bye. im going to write about my biases and stuff only ms serena will read! haha.

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Karen wrote this at.. 1/24/2007 11:43:00 PM

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