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Saturday, January 27, 2007
Boyz II Men = AWESOME!

just came back!:)

wahhh..i really really had fun!:) singing along to almost ALL their songs, shouting my lungs out, dancing, taking photos. its been a while since i had fun like that. too bad lea didn't make it. need to sms her tmr and ask her how is she...

Xue Zhen's parents were really nice :D and of course Xue Zhen was a really cool concert-goer too:) not shy to stand up when everyone's sitting!:) hahaa. yes, it was a half sit down show. B2M had to ask everyone to stand up, then only they stood up.

they sang:
I'll make love to you (they handed out roses to the VIP people!!! :[ )
4 seasons of loneliness
on bended knees
water runs dry
pass you by
end of the road
perfect love song
colours of love

motown philly

thats all i can remember...xue Zhen, what else ar? ahhaha i was supposed to cover this event for emmagem. what kind of reporter is this man!!hahah

the show was about 1 hour 45 mins..i was hoping for more.Too bad!:)

pictures tmr..i need to sleep.

tmr got Anthro class at 9...sucks. then later i'll be heading to La Bodega for the hitz.fm's thingy with elaine...


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